Rock Hill, South Carolina
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not too long ago I purchased a refrigerator from the lowes in rock hill, sc, and when they FINALLY delivered it, (in which they werer days late from the delivery day they promised us) when they came to my home brought it in, unpackaged it, and they were moving it, they ripped up my floor in my kitchen, and whoops is all they could say, called the store and told them I would be out there to pick up a kit to fix it. what the heck, they should have been more careful, and expecting me to come out there and pick up some kit, that was wrong, I did it, but now I am a ex-customer of any lowes, especially rock hill.

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Corinda, Queensland, Australia #25007

Well, down south where y'all are at, tearin' up that there flo' is dun cunsidered home impovement, Ah do declare!!

Ealing, England, United Kingdom #24975

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