Newark, Ohio
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I had a credit card with Lowes. I made every payment ahead of time and paid more than the minimum payment.

They closed my account because my credit score went down some. That shouldnt matter when they previosly approved it and i was a customer in good standing.

Never a late paynent. I will now be shopping at Home Depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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You'll find that ANY credit card company that has those stipulations in their terms and conditions can close your account or lower your spending threshold. This is not Lowes' fault.

HD isn't better, so I don't know why people make the threat "I'm going over there... blah blah"


Lets start with the fact that you never had a credit card with Lowes. You had a credit account with a credit company that issues cards to be used at Lowes.

It's obvious you didn't bother reading all the fine print on the application you signed for the account. If you had, you would know that they may from time to time check your credit rating and adjust your credit limits based on your ratings. That means they may increase or decrease your limit depending on your credit score. You have done something to decrease your credit rating and the decided you are a poor risk and closed your account.

You may find that the company that issues your Home Depot card may do the same thing in the future. Keep paying your bills on time and cut back on how much outstanding debt you have to rebuild your credit.