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Purchased custom kitchen cabinets 9/28/2013. Total was over $11,000.

I paid 5,000 on credit and wrote a check for 6,000. They wouldn't accept check, made me get cash. I brought back $6,000 in cash. 2 weeks later cabinets still not ordered.

I visited Lowes multiple times during that 2 weeks asking questions. I was promised someone would call, no one ever called so i had to keep going in (7 times!). Finally after 2 weeks, they continued to say that I needed to meet with someone again before they order the cabinets. I asked to make an appointment.

They said employees were on vacation and I would have to come back. I asked for a refund. I was credited my 5,000 and they gave me 6,000 in cash, putting in on the counter for me to count!

2 days later I get a call from the cabinet manufacturer stating my cabinets will be delivered in 2 weeks! Lowe's was clueless.

Never again.

I filed complaints throughout the ordeal and never heard from anyone from Lowes. I guess they do not need customers anymore.

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Free kitchen...score...wouldn't be the first time it happened...by the way...once the order is placed, it takes four to six weeks to be completed and shipped. When it comes to the cabinet department, only ever speak to that person.

No one else knows how that department works.

If they were on vacation and deserved it. Should of waited and only worked with that sales person.

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