Erie, Pennsylvania
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As all the Sales Specialists working at Lowe's in Feb. 2012

know- they just arbitrarily decided to cut all commissions

storewide with 3 days notice.

They require employees to request vacation time at least 30 days in advance but they can crush you financially with 3 days notice. This is by far the lowest move I've ever seen in retail. Some people in the Kitchen/appliance departments took $30K plus pay cuts. It never ceases to amaze me how dumb supposedly smart people are.

The powers that be at Lowe's think this is going to improve the customer experience at their stores? Let's see- I make the same money whether I custom design a Kitchen or let the customer buy the peice of *** stock cabinets they are looking at; hmmmm... I wonder what I'll do. Real sales people make commission, period!!

Gophers make $8-$10 bucks an hour and don't know anything about the products or the processes. Lowe's preaches customer service and "wowwing" the customer and exceeding their expectations- There is only one way to get someone to care enough to do that, you pay them. Other wise it's all *** and you're a hypocrite and just paying lip service to your " Mission Statement".

That is exactly what Lowe's are, a bunch of hypocrites. If you actually care about your customers' experience, you provide them with people who know what they're doing and will go the extra mile to wow them- you're not going to get that from some kid making $9.00 an hour- Sorry!!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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