I say the colour of my new kitchen countertop is wrong. Lowe's says it is right.

I have the sample I was given to look at. The fabricator and store installation person came to my kitchen. Their samples match my sample, none of which come close to the countertop. I suggested a third party decision (designer).

No go. The people who would have to pay for the new countertop made the decision. Guess what they decided? Shame on you Lowe's.

This is exceptionally poor customer service with no attempt made at a just resolution.

It took 2 months of my perisistance to even come up with this answer. Shame --bad business practice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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They need to make it right. Apparently, the customer is always right, is not their motto.


Sounds like you selected granite and you weren't educated on the product. Slabs change, each and everyone of them.

There are multiple quarries for each granite color.

Blame mother nature, not Lowes. If you're designer, the second opinion, did not explain the natural stone variation, then he or she is no designer ---from a designer