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I went to the three Lowe’s nearest to me in order to obtain a “ body” for a kitchen design, they either had no one there or someone on training, I opted to go to the store furthest away because there where 3 designers on hand Whitehall pa. The woman was helpful, but1- couldn’t pull up destines for previous kitchens done my Lowe’s from other locations,( frustrating)I went back 3 days later to make an adjustment, ,my designer wasn’t in, the designer in that day wouldn’t touch her design, told me to come back when she was in the next day but she was booked.

Seems to me that the work process needs to change. does Lowe’s really want to sell kitchens???

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Unwillingness to offer assistance.

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The designers I worked with at Lowes for both my kitchen installs are great but the installers are terrible. They do not follow the design, they do not review the design, the tell the customer what they are going to do regarding details of the design that I and the designer discussed and planned for.

Numerous mistakes, sloppy work, nails sticking out cutting me, project never completed. They installed the kitchen ten years ago but never put in the last trim pieces to this day. I was extremely hesitant to have them do the reinstall after the Harvey flooding but figured it would be easy since the same installer already did it before. Still not finished and the installation took place before Halloween.

It is now Dec 26. Managers ignore me. Parts ordered twice are still not in. After 8200 dollars I still have a kitchen and bathroom mess that is incomplete and not going to be addressed anytime soon in spite of speaking to installation manager and store manager...............................The list of mistakes is huge.

Panels not aligned, drawer recessed from trim even tho it is an exact replica of what was there before than he installed.

One large drawer came off the hinges when I pulled it open the first time!! I had to fix it and numerous other things!


No, kitchen designs don't transfer from one location to another, not just at Lowes. As I am sure you are aware, a lot of time is spent designing a kitchen.

Why would one location want to spend the time and money to design a kitchen to have you go buy it elsewhere? It's always best if you work with the same designer from start to finish. The initial drawing takes the most time and a lot of questions are asked of you ion the initial design. Why would you want someone that isn't familiar with what you want in your kitchen jumping in and making changes?

Either they miss some things you had wanted, or will need to spend extra time asking a lot of the questions your initial designer already asked you.

Stick with one person and you will be more satisfied with your kitchen. A kitchen is a big project and to be done properly shouldn't be rushed.