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After months of planning with the designer , I finally ordered my kitchen in Beginning of July... I paid of $12000...

for cabinets and appliances. I was told the demo and instal would be around 1200$ Turns out they wanted over $5000. Alone for the demo it was 2300$... I decided thats a job we could do ourselves, it took 3 hours to take down old cabnets and haul them to the dump.

Lowes cordinator obviously gets paid a commision on the work she contracts out... Obviously she was not happy about our demo do it your self... I agreed on the install for 1145$ After ordering, there was little comunication from her... I kept pressing for a date of the install, since we had a estimated date of the delivery.

She kept saying" no worries" since you did the demo, we just have to check it was done right... I finally a week before the cabnetts arrived, wrote an email, the next day or so I got a date... It would be a month after the delivery! She knew I would be having out of town visitors and then leaving out of the country...

she in my opionion purposely delayed the install out of revenge... I wrote to the coporate headquarters, addressing my letter to the CEO , Mr. Niblock... I recived a call from his Blocker tag for serval days, and when i did get her on the phone 3 days later, I was informed that Lowes will NOT install the cabinets at all.

I was shocked to hear this. What am I suppose to do? She said to find my own installer.... it was not their problem...

So the kitchen cabinetts were dumped at my house this week... Aug... I drove to lowes to get the blue prints... I was told by the designer, He is NOT allowed to talk to me...

He is NOT allowed to give me my blue prints... He said his hands are tied... I then saw the corninator come walking by, and she then alerted the store manger... He shot around the corner and stood 15 feet away staring me down...the designer apologized ...

He said he does not know what to say... he understands its impossible to install the kitchen without the blueprint... and he recommends i call the blocker back at the corporate office... I have been humiliated, treated as if i were a shoplifter, and discriminated...

Unbelievable how they can take your money and then dump off the kitchen and run... the courior didnt even do the inventory with me... Lowes was suppose to come and inspect the cabinets, no one came ... I called the store again...

pleading i need the blueprints... again... i was told they cant give them to me... I aslo paid for a gas stove and a dishwasher and a sink...

I asked when will they be delivered... he had no answer... They are being held hostaged too... I cant believe I gave this store 12,000...

for this mess... The CEO, Mr, Nitblock , could care less about the treatment of his customers... he wont even asked his mail, he has a total of 18 blockers at his corporate office to fend off his unhappy customers... I will now call the attorney general, contact our wavy TV 10 and hire a lawyer...

Buyers beware, hope this does not happen to others, but after researching reviews, this is not an isolated case of bad customer service... I dont know how these people still have a job, or how they stay in business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Kitchen Remodeling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Have never had worse.

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I am now going through the same thing. 50k + paid in June and kitchen is still gutted. I need some advice--CEO is not responding to my emails??


Of coarse the ceo is not responding , the have what I call blockers ... 16 of them ...

I wrote daily .... never got a any further ...

other then the blocker who apologized , blah blah ... I will never step foot in the store again !


Do you really think a CEO of a nationwide company has the time to answer consumer complaints? Life just doesn't work that way.

If he had one customer per store each week seeking his attention he would have to answer 46 requests per hour based on a 40 hour work week. Your expectations or an individual are unreasonable.

That is why they have customer service departments to handle problems. I would expect you would want not only more than 90 seconds of consideration for your complaint and I would also think you would a CEO to have a little more responsibility than handling customer comments.


Is the CEO's name really Mr. Nitblock or is this your idea of sarcasm to get the result you demand?


It's Niblock


Actually that's IS his name .... google it!


You sound like a psycho. They outlined what was to be done and you decided that everything was going to revolve around your timeline just because you paid a measly 12k.


You sound like a troll. Obviously you've never experienced doing business with Lowes for cabinets and just how horrible they are.


Here are the facts... Lowe's Corporate chooses Installers.

The individual stores have little to no say over who does work for them.

The contracts go out like a reverse auction... the company the goes the lowest on labor prices gets the deal. Quality does lack.

The first fundamental issue that most customers do not see is, Lowe's (individual stores) cant just open up a cash drawer and solve the problem.

That may make you happy, but that does not correct the bad work.

The stores have to follow a corporate process that is long on purpose to remove certain installers from "rotation".

Lowe's llegally has to allow he same installer who F'd a job to go back out and attempt to fix it 3 times... at no financial burden to the Installer, do forget this whole time Lowe's is paying for this person's time.

Not the customer, ultimately customers suffer, but please next time you pick up the phone and want to yell at someone in the store, know that there is little they can do right away.

Its not a good system, but it is the one they have to follow to keep there jobs. I'm sure you can understand that.


Typo ... wow !!!


You sound like an ***! If I purchase a kitchen , I expect it to be installed ...

end of story .... I should not be 2 1/2 months without a kitchen ...

Lowes had two installers ... that's it ...


And a measly 12000$ you say ? That’s a lot of money ...

and I don’t care what amount I spend , I expect them to hold up there end of the co tract too! Your a real idiot , you need to get a reality check ...


It you're....idiot.