Toronto, Ontario
Not resolved

started reno in 07/08 still waiting for 2 cupboards to be repaired. installers were great but their jobs where hard to due because of the mistakes made in kitchen department.

the manager is not organised and never does what he says he will do. never returns calls never finishes a job

has the attitude that everyone is beholden to him

2 months have passed since I spoke to him and there has been no reply.

I've been in paint,reno's for 32 yrs. and this has been the worst,

I recommend you people,for what!

thanks lowes

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I have been trading with Lowe's for a number of years, now. Yes there have been some problems from time to time, but for the most part the store personnel really tried to help me.

Even when I had a Lowe's credit card that had some mistakes on it: it took going through 2 other people, but I did get to a person who was not only nice, kind, but who knew her business and was able to resolve my issues within 2 days. By the way, I have never worked for Lowe's nor do I have any relatives of friends that I know of who do.



Tell him about it @


It never fails to amaze me at the incoherency of many of these posts, This one is no exception, especially the last sentence. Sadly, here at Lowe's, this is also the way many of our customers talk as well, when they are communicating with us what they want, it's no wonder mistakes are made on our end.

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