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Just started the remodel this week. When the so called remodrl expert talked to me there were a few very specific items i mentioned that i wanted done. The job was postponed for 3 weekes and we had to get another contractor. When they showed up to inventory the cabinets that were delivered to me i again mentioned about some cliset doors that i did not see on the contract. She stated she would take care of this for me.

Like any other sales person she is bright and friendly until you sign the contract and she gets her commission. Now its like im a bother.

Who comes in and quotes a whole new kitchen and yet doesnt add electrical sockets and covers. Why would i use old dingy ones when I'm paying $24000.00 to have my kitchen done.

The doors that i wanted, I have to order them and pay for them. According to (JOY). I'll pass on that. By the way, my other doors were already thrown away by the contractor. I'll get my doors later at Home Depot. I was goibg to ho and get a storm door for the front and have the contractor install it, but again, I'll get that at Home Depot. Not at all satisified with the process and I wanted to do my 3 bathrooms next. Not from you guys. Your consultant really needs to learn to be more customer friendly. Instead she is just chasing the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Kitchen Remodeling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When you sign the sales contract it lists all the items that are being purchased. If you don't see new outlets, covers and doors on the contract, you didn't pay for them and won't be getting them unless you go back and pay for them.

Stores put the order on a contract for a reason. It put in black and white exactly what they are providing. Always go over a contract before you sign it. If you don't see what you were expecting or there are items you weren't expecting make sure the contract is changed before you sign it.

As you didn't bother to review it before you signed it you are just as responsible for the missing products as the sales person was. Face it, there are a lot of items involved in a kitchen remodel and 2 people reviewing the order are better than 1.