Dayton, Ohio
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Invested over $20,000 in a kitchen remodel and it has been a nightmare with this company. It has been 6 weeks and not even half done.

Have not heard from anyone in over 2 weeks. Calls and emails go unreturned. Materials and tools sitting everywhere. Please be warned and stay away from this company.

Our neighbors started same project with different company and have been using their kitchen for 10 days now.

Lowes problem is that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. We are now searching for another contractor to get in here and finish the job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Remodeling.

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This is what happens when you are too lazy to hire your own contractor. When you hire your own contractor you have the opportunity to check their references and get to know who will be working i n your home.

You also have control over the project and the ability to fire the contractor if you want. Instead you let a retail store pick the low price contractor to do the job. Yes Lowes makes a profit on what the contractor charges them.

It's in their best interest to find the lowest priced contractor to do the job and increase their profits. These profits could have been in your pockets if you had taken the time to find a reputable contractor on your own.