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The store in referance is located in Macon Georgia.On eisenhowser parkway.

I have spent thousands of dollars with lowes,I BUY AND REBUILD HOUSES,I HAVE ALWAYS PURCHASED all that was avalabe at lowes,including tools.

I have purchsed several Kobalt knives that has broken. Everytime that i would take one back to be warranty i would be told that i would have to replace it with the same style of tool.I have yet to have one replaced under March 11 2010 was the last time that i tried.So i left all of the pieces of the knife all the way down the floor of the store.

It is not the consumers fault if lowes n o longer carries the same style of knife.Kobalt is only sold by lowes to my knowledge.Therefore the tool should be replced with the closest style in store.

if lowes cares about customers that has been a loyal customer since 1984 i would like to see this problem resolved.Otherwise i will start shopping at other places that are more customer oriented.

Just to let to whomever this concerns.That the check out person that i use the most name is ANGLE at the contractor end of store.She is always polite and professional.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I had a similar experience with a Lowe's in Flower Mound, TX. I tried returning a battery less than 1 1/2 years hold from a Kobalt garden tool.

The Kobalt website shows a 3 year battery warranty to be excerised at the Lowe's of purchase.

Lowes's catagorized the battery as last years model and refused to honor the warranty. From their perspective there was no way to replace the battery for equal trade nor did they want to take a loss by refunding the purchase.


This is all good information as I am picking who's mechanic tools I am buying. This may be a store location problem, but with a no hassle warranty I would expect better at all Lowes stores.Guess I will be looking elsewhere.


kobalt tools warranty is a joke. went to lowes got a run around called kobalt.

the person answerd the phone for lowes customer service. sears snap on matco and the rest warranty out the tools hassle free.

I my self will not buy tools from lowes no matter the brand. they can not warranty what they sell why give them money.


lol left it all over the floor of the store. Way to be a child.

Im glad they turned you down.

Also who complains about a utility knife? Are you seriously that poor?


Your a child calling him poor because lowes did not honor a promise. It says " hassle free guarentee." you sound like a piece of ***


If this joker has "broken" several knives he is abusing them. Warranties cover manufacturing defects, not abuse by the consumer.

It's amazing how many people try to return tape measures that they have torn the end off of. This isn't a defect, it is pure and simple abuse by the consumer and not something any sensible person would expect to be covered under warranty.


id shove the knife up their A55.


Same experience here, just attempted to exchange a screwdriver, they have it in stock, but I was told they do not honor the warranty and I would have to deal directly with Kobalt. I pointed out the warranty on the back of their package and was again told, we do not honor that here.

Guess I can spend my companies money for shop supplies and tools elsewhere.


I just had the same experience with a caulk gun that the handle broke. It clearlt states on the side of the tool "LIFETIME HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE" however the customer service people insisted i have a receipt, and continually question whether I bought it at Lowes.

Kobalt is sold exclusively at Lowes-apparently the associate and the manager are unaware of this...

It was not worth my time to haggle over something thst could be replaced for $7, so i asked if this was a "hassle-free" guarantee? The manager actually said, "I guess not." Their commitment to customer service is quite lacking.


Lifetime warranties do not cover abuses or misuses ......only defects from the production of the tools by the manufacturer..... Its not implied that it covers idiots using them (primitive peers we called them).


If you say you forgot your id your either a crook or an *** as your always supposed to have it did you get to the store ??hmmm a vehicle which requires a license to drive and that which is in your wallet.....did you forget that too......I say your a crook because even at Lowes you may not be bright enough to bring it but you also operated a vehicle without it closed


Ur a dumb *** u didnt even answer the mans question, how old are u 12.. Before callin the man a thief look at the facts, the information he provided, ... Home depot does not require ID or receipt just the broken tool and its replaced with one of the same or greater value


Do not need a license to travel to anywhere idiot.


When will people who complain learn to spell words correctly ......ignorant


Craftsman tools are made in China ....Kobalt is made in Taiwan ....Sears no longer honors lifetime warrantys ....idk where people get that they do .....the product is far inferior to the quality the Company used to be known for and most people can't afford the products from Matco or Snap-on and if you have opened your eyes lately the Sears stores no longer carry the selection they used too ....anymore you have to order the product esp. specialty tools from a catalog instead of it being avail.

in store like it used to be ....Kobalt doesn't have the selection it should as well mainly just the basics ....but I do know I have never had a problem with my local Lowes changing out a product of Kobalt under the lifetime warranty .....and unless your hiding from the law ....a simple asking of identification is trivial and not an offense organized and keep your receipts mainly if your a business because its a write -off on taxes and you would have to prove that with a receipt anyway if audited quit harping on them asking for id if you don't have a receipt ....esp since if you lost the original the return receipt that is generated when you take it back and you show your id ... it shows your name on the that receipt which is good enough as prove of purchase


We replace it with the closest style at the Moline Lowes in Illinois ...we even give you several choices and let you make the call .....those other Lowes stores don't understand the warranty apparently .....we stand behind our warranty here ....


I work for Lowe's. If we do not carry the same item anymore, we try to find a like item to exchange it with.

My store has NEVER sent anyone away and not taken care of them if they had a Kobalt item. EVER. If you have to show your ID, it is because you didn't save your receipt. All returns at ALL Retailers require a receipt or VALID ID to return an item.

The store reserves the right to process the return through the register and ask for ID, or they can simply exchange it over the counter. Each individual is different, so no two cashiers will do it the same. Most consumers don't realize that some house brands are made by more than one manufacturer. In the case of Kobalt items, each category is made by a different manufacturer....So, a drill could be made by someone who does not make our knives, or screw drivers.

I'm sure if you are polite, do not cuss, and ask to speak with a manager, you will almost always get what you want.

As far as leaving knife parts on the floor of your local Lowe's.....that store will now see you as the "***" customer who has no value for the safety of other people.

1. Keep your receipts or sign up for MYLOWES


Always carry your ID on you. It's actually the law.

3. While we attempt to make every person happy, sometime we will not be able to if we get a "knife guy". "Knife guys" are never happy and create a big scene much like the "knife guy" in the post below.


If I *** you off, even after I have bent over backwards a given you what you want and your still not happy, I'll give directions to the closest Home Depot.


It's not the law to carry around a form of identification. Unless you are operating a motor vehicle.

Even then we just look you up by your name, I am a veteran LEO going on 15 years. Just saying.


Don't need licence to travel either unless its for interstate commerce.


Nice that cashiers have that wiggle room to discriminate against people. Oh, that was mean.

I'm sure they are highly trained to tell the difference between cheaters and honest people. What, are they send to the FBI?