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The store in referance is located in Macon Georgia.On eisenhowser parkway.

I have spent thousands of dollars with lowes,I BUY AND REBUILD HOUSES,I HAVE ALWAYS PURCHASED all that was avalabe at lowes,including tools.

I have purchsed several Kobalt knives that has broken. Everytime that i would take one back to be warranty i would be told that i would have to replace it with the same style of tool.I have yet to have one replaced under March 11 2010 was the last time that i tried.So i left all of the pieces of the knife all the way down the floor of the store.

It is not the consumers fault if lowes n o longer carries the same style of knife.Kobalt is only sold by lowes to my knowledge.Therefore the tool should be replced with the closest style in store.

if lowes cares about customers that has been a loyal customer since 1984 i would like to see this problem resolved.Otherwise i will start shopping at other places that are more customer oriented.

Just to let to whomever this concerns.That the check out person that i use the most name is ANGLE at the contractor end of store.She is always polite and professional.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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i just bought a kobalt cresent wrench and it fell appart the first 2 turns on a nut the center piece fell into my car and not i cann't reach it as a first time kobalt buyer this upsets me the product looked to be good quality the problem i found with it was that the pin to hold it togeather was not threaded when it was punched to it just fell out when i i turned the adjustment and if i being a first time buyer got a wrench like this how many more are out there?


I would like to start off by asking if anyone here has taken ESL? English as a second language?

Only reason I ask there is ample amount of simple words misspelled.

If you folks haven't learned by now YOU ALWAYS START AT THE TOP AND WORK YOUR WAY DOWN!!!!!!! Meaning: Notify the CEO not the store and you will see the red carpet come out for ya heee haw


go to home depot get a husky knife it is guaranteed forever thats wat i had to do cause the kobalt is a piece of junk n dont lasthome depot stands behind thiers y dosnt lowes?????


I've never had a problem with Lowe's customer service. I have a Kobalt air wrench which went down after just several uses, which I fully expect to get a refund/credit/replacement.


Cobalt tools are junk tried to remove a bolt with a cobalt bolt remvel kit the easy out broke and took 4 times as long to remove just to get back to the broken bolt


i work at Lowes in returns dept and I warranty out Kobalt all day long. We do try to swap for same item to root-out dishonest people that steal from us as well as jobsites.

If we dont have the same item we give store credit towards like product only. How would you like it if someone stole your kobalt tool and returned it for full store credit towards a grill or sold credit on line for crack?


Lifetime means Lifetime. No if's and's or buts. If Lowes won't stand behind Kobalt/their warranty, then we should never buy tools at Lowes!


I has a Kobalt carpet knife break, it had a "lifetime"warranty. Of course the knife is discontinued just 8 months after purchase.

Probably used the knife for 20 or 30 cuts. manager finally did replace with a different brand, but I had to talk to everyone and their brother first. Fact is Kobalt does not make good tools and they will break. The warranty is just a marketing ploy to get you to buy them.

Its worthless when they wont honor it, or tools constantly are discontinued with a new model that since it isnt exactly the same, your out of luck unless the manager chooses to satisfy you. Craftsman has went downhill from past years. I own many Craftsman tools and return one maybe once every five years and now finding its discontinued. Like the tape measures.

They stopped making Craftsman tape measures. Saws and hammers change.

At least Sears hasn't given me any grief on exchanging for a different brand. You just lose the lifetime warranty now.


went to lowes exchange a broken ratchet and they would not do it so now i know why i went back to craftsman tool no questions asked they just replaced just like that when you put your name on a hand tool and warranty you should honor it. And it hand the name kobalt on it


In all honesty yes you are right lifetime should be upheld. However I do agree that many people abuse this lifetime warranty if you are using a knife for something other than cutting or abuse the *** out of it then go buy a new one and accept that it's your fault.

I mean if you build me a home and I decide to take a hammer to the walls should you cover that? No...I was an *** and thats my fault.

Lastly leaving the pieces of the knife on the floor while walking out? Yea don't think you can talk about professionalism sir


if you do not like kobalt buy american made at craftsman, and give an american a job


Craftsman are made in China not the USA. Even Sears sold us out for the China ***.


Craftsman is not made in the USA anymore ....not since about 2007.....I know because I work there and craftsman sold their soul to China .....we sell junk now ....*** anything coming from china is junk now you didn't know that all the tools you folks have been pouting about are all made side by side in the same factory there ....just different paint schemes and emblems some research and you will see .....*** even Harley Davidsons are no longer made here ....guess where a majority of those are made starts with a C and ends with A and its not Canada .....and when Lowes original Kobalt tools were made here in the US it was made by Snap-On . When you cried about the prices being too high on an American made product they went to Craftsman and were made by them for awhile until Craftsman sold the manufacturing rights to China .....You wanted quality but did not want to pay the price for it .....and you wonder why we ship business over seas ......Suck it up you wanted cheap got it a price that american workers paid ....Hope your happy now!


lowes usually give merch credit for you to buy the tool as a replacement therefore you should be able to buy whichever one was closest, ( even if not the kobalt) thats how theyve replaced for me


You must be the same kind of *** that gets a stanley tape measure stuck, tears the end off and expects Stanley to replace it as a manufactures defect covered under their lifetime warranty. These lifetime warranties cover DEFECTS not ABUSE.


Dude you are a ***. This is about lifetime warranties and replacing a part, not about how well a tool is taken care of.


A company should never put a life time warranty on a tool, and then end the production of it. Unless they are willing to give something of equal or more value in it's place.

Life time warranties are offered for selling points and to obtain more sales.

If lowes or any other store are selling anything with life time warranties they should honor any and all returns. I would that this is lowes and the manufacture's problem, not the customers.


the key word here is tools, that means they're used hard and shouldn't fall apart.


If these knives keep breaking it sounds like you are abusing them and it's not a defect. Take better care of your tools and they won't break.