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The store in referance is located in Macon Georgia.On eisenhowser parkway.

I have spent thousands of dollars with lowes,I BUY AND REBUILD HOUSES,I HAVE ALWAYS PURCHASED all that was avalabe at lowes,including tools.

I have purchsed several Kobalt knives that has broken. Everytime that i would take one back to be warranty i would be told that i would have to replace it with the same style of tool.I have yet to have one replaced under warranty.today March 11 2010 was the last time that i tried.So i left all of the pieces of the knife all the way down the floor of the store.

It is not the consumers fault if lowes n o longer carries the same style of knife.Kobalt is only sold by lowes to my knowledge.Therefore the tool should be replced with the closest style in store.

if lowes cares about customers that has been a loyal customer since 1984 i would like to see this problem resolved.Otherwise i will start shopping at other places that are more customer oriented.

Just to let to whomever this concerns.That the check out person that i use the most name is ANGLE at the contractor end of store.She is always polite and professional.

Monetary Loss: $20.


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A company should never put a life time warranty on a tool, and then end the production of it.Unless they are willing to give something of equal or more value in it's place.

Life time warranties are offered for selling points and to obtain more sales.

If lowes or any other store are selling anything with life time warranties they should honor any and all returns.I would that this is lowes and the manufacture's problem, not the customers.


the key word here is tools, that means they're used hard and shouldn't fall apart.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #123526

If these knives keep breaking it sounds like you are abusing them and it's not a defect. Take better care of your tools and they won't break.

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #609085

I just returned a Kobalt 1/2-in Standard (SAE) Ratcheting Wrench to Lowes and they scanned my mylowes card and gave me a new one ,easiest exchange ever!!!!

San Marcos, Texas, United States #594745

Iam very disappointed in the new warranty, i bought lots of cobalt tools, well no more lowes for me.I should just continue buying from craftsman.

Simple warranty procedure.It breaks you take it to your local store.


I went to the lowes store to replace a kobalt measure tape and they were not able to replace it because i forgot mi ID at home ,I just dont get it how come you dont need an ID when you buy it first. :(

to Mr .dissapointed. Melbourne, Florida, United States #940883

If you have your receipt, have the card used to purchase the tape, or use your mylowes card, they can look up the transaction.If not, it's standard practice at any retail store that you present your ID so they can take down your info and give you credit/money back.

While they probably could have done an even swap...why wouldn't you have your ID on you?Seems pretty dumb.

to Mr .dissapointed. Tennessee, United States #989589

Because you don't have your receipt you *** ,common sense when you buy something that says lifetime warranty you save the receipt ......look at Bostitch with their 100 yr..warranty on their tape measure .

Without the receipt I guarantee they wouldn't replace it 50 yes let alone 100 yrs......Lowes or any store out there is not there to babysit the people who don't get it or too hold your hand in your life if your just plain ignorant and think you don't need a receipt for anything lifetime regardless of warranty ......if you don't have a receipt the odds are the product may be or may not be yours and you just found it in the garbage or or yard sale or are just a plain crook and try and take advantage of businesses lifetime warranties and when you don't play by the rules( now listen up ) you cry about it ....until you get your way ........grow up and stop crying about it ......you don't keep the receipt you don't get the warranty ....you keep the receipt there's no need to show identification .....class over !!!


How the *** do you submit information online for a Newly purchased Kobalt tool? Can't find a *** thing which links me to a site for Kobalt corp.

What the *** kind of a deal is this?

Don't give a *** how good these tools might be, if you can't send in simple warranty info online without spending your life trying, it's not worth it.

to Tat #1019083

If everyone else can do this with no problem, the problem may lie with you......

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