Augusta, Georgia
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Yesterday my week old kolbalt Toolbox Fell over all by itself! These upright toolboxes are very dangerous!

It is on level ground, and is not overloaded. It can hold up to 1000 lbs, Somehow, I guess on the ground with your tools all over the floor and the toolbox pieces everywhere! I hope lowes can help me with this. I need *** new toolbox.

It is nothing but bent metal now! Im glad it didnt fall on a child they would be dead! I will let you know what lowes does about it.

Im hoping for the best. Be careful!

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Dude, this is not just Kobalt boxes that will turn over! Any up-right box can turn over if the drawers are left open and the box is moved or even bumped.

This is why you should always keep your drawers closed and locked whenever not in use, never allow children to play in or around boxes, and never move a box with locking and making sure drawers are secure before moving the box. You did not say if a wheel had given way so unless the box was over loaded it is unlikely that it will just fall over.

Remember safety starts with you and it is everyones business. Sorry to hear about your box but my Kobalt has lasted for years and I had never had that kind of problem.

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