Richardson, Texas

Just bought 40 thousand of kitchen cabnet self closing at loews, a rep came out they switched all defective doors that were scatched uneven and stain was smeared, sure they replaced them now some doors are uneven scratches and doors still smeared self closing need a little push come on that is a rip off... don't buy kraftsmaid...I'll never have this kitchen done.... Sure they said they would replace I would rather have them refund some of the money + they were recomended by Loews and the best maid product, they told me to just pait over them wow

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I highly doubt that you even make 40,000 a year with that grammar..... "maibe yew shood repante thim" :)


think you should retype this.. i understand you bought some cabinets from loews and they werent the best.

you spent 40 thousand dollars?

on cabinets? a rep came out and replaced all the defective doors.

Then your mad because they didnt replace them and told you to paint over them. you lost me.

oh and for that kind of money i hope you had naked models installing them for you

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