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Update by user Aug 23, 2017

I am still waiting for the company to finish ordering new doors and get them installed. The experience is wearisome, and the customer service reps are not at all sympathetic or helpful. March is when the project began and we are now nearly at the end of August.

Original review posted by user Aug 15, 2017

We purchased a complete kitchen from Lower', who sold the Kraft Maid cabinets. We bought the cabinets from a sample door at the store.

When the cabinets arrived at our home, they had many defects as well as obvious cracks at the mitered corners that affected the looks and longevity of the cabinets. The paint has started to peel off the wood. We have been trying to work with both Lower' and Kraft Maid since the installation began in March of 2017. We are still fighting with them.

They are refusing to correct the problem, starting that we should have expected defects in painted cabinets. They have been most condescending and rude, and their customer service is extremely poor. I hope no one else ever has to endure this treatment.

We have been living in a half done kitchen for 5 months! Please do not use Lowes' or Kraft Maid!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kraftmaid Cabinet.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: replace the defective cabinets with defect free cabinets.

Lowes Cons: Quality or cu, Customer service.

  • Poor quality establishment
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Sorry to hear others have had the same bad experience with Kraft Maid and Lowe’s. They never replaced the cabinets or repaired defects inbour grouted tile floor.

They stall and frustrate people until you just give up.

Poor customer service for sure. Hire a local tradesman with good reviews, best advice.


I purchased kraft maid cabinets from Lowe’s. Maple with a toffee stain I have had these for several years and they are still beautiful.


The cabinets are not junk. The problem is consumers, such as yourself, do not understand the nature of wood and don't bother to read the vendors literature.

Wood will expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. As this happens the joints in the cabinets and doors will move. This isn't as noticeable on a stained cabinet but will be very apparent on a painted cabinet. As your picture shows, a joint has moved and you see the crack in the paint.

If you bother to read their literature this fact is pointed out in their description of painted finishes. Your other picture looks like something has rubbed a bit of paint off the wood. Getting a bottle of touch up paint is always a good idea when you buy a painted product.

The cabinets aren't the problem, your unreasonable expectations of a paint finish are. No, I don't work for Lowes but had sold cabinets for many years.


You obviously work for the cabinet company. If Lowe’s had done their job, they would not have set unreasonable expectations in presenting the unblemished door to us in the store.

Their representative assured us that the door would have solid paint and no flaws. I am still fighting with them for doors that are separating at the joints. I have never seen such poor quality in my previous kitchen cabinet purchases.

I have lived in many kitchens and never saw a problem like I have encountered. The company needs t improve it’s quality control!