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I feel compelled to share a recent experience with Lowes Home Improvement in my home town which will likely be my last visit to any of their stores. We purchased a dishwasher and paid Lowes to install it as well.

On the scheduled day of installation no one showed up or called during the appointed time frame. I called Lowes the next day to inform them I would give the installer one more opportunity. On the next scheduled day of installation, the installer called and said he had been at Lowes for more than 30 minutes trying to pick up the dishwasher, but they could not locate it. I told him to just forget it and went to the store with my receipt to get a refund.

They told me they could not refund me my money until they located the dishwasher… what? You’re going to hold me liable for something I never put my hands on and that you can’t find??? From that point it escalated into a more than 2 hour stand-off with me and them. I dealt with a total of 6 different employees explaining the same scenario and getting the same answer, while as many as 8 or more other employees gathered around to gawk.

All this occurred at the refund counter. At one point an employee who wasn’t even involved in the situation made a statement “Someone better take this guy outside before I get fired” which I took as a verbal threat. Finally after over two hours, the manager (I assume) got involved and assured me I would get a refund by 4 pm, so I made her put it in writing and I left.

I also contacted Lowes corporate office and filed a complaint which has fallen on deaf ears.

I have done business with Lowes all my life, and have always had a good experience for the most part, but this incident was more than I can stomach. Lowes seems to have gone in recent years from a company with kind, knowledgeable, friendly employees to just another company with little to no customer service because they seem to think they have no competition.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I guess the key to buying appliances or any other larger amount things at stores is to use a credit card so that when these problems occur you haven't paid for them yet and can dispute the charge if need be. That particular Lowe's store seems atypical from my experience, but local management has alot to do with how employees behave.

You may or may not ever hear from corporate, as corporate really doesn't care----you are but one dissenter among the horde of customers they sell to. Luckily, there are a ton of stores selling appliances we can shop at, other than Lowe's.