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Lowe's bathroom remodel leads to company wide problems. The good news is the low cost easy fix.

My name is Jon Holtz-Revels, and currently awaiting the last thing our Lowe's bathroom remodel needs to be 100% complete. Shelves for the 84 inch tall linen closet cabinet. The first issue poor communication: Lowe's provides remodel cusromers with a Project Folder. This folder the customer is told will contian 100% everything we need the contractors to do.

That this folder is THE PROJECT BIBLE. It has all the exact directions the contractors to follow. Example: GFI plug to be moved from location near entry door to the right side of the sink 10 inches above the backsplash. In reality the folder has: Move outlet.

The rest of the things to be installed were the same. We spent two visits or thee in store, then one or two at home. At home we had one visit for a go over without a contractor present. Then we had the next visit with the contractor foreman present.

We went over the same things as before. We are told the project will take 7 to 10 business days. That does not include getting our products. They start before Christmas 2016.

The contractors demo the bathroon, and we're told they are taking time off to be with family. Totally expected. They return after the first of the year. The electrician finds his work order saying to move just the thermistat as close to the door trim as posdible.

Meanwhile not dping anything with the wall switches and gfi outlet. After I explain what we wanted he had to call in. Was told to leave the GFI outlet alone. And, only move the thermistat.

I mention the fact a cabinet will not be able to be installed with things this way. The cabinet will be 3 inches from the wall, using filler pieces to space it so the door will not crush the thermistat, and light switches. Again he has one thing on his order. I grab the project folder.

Inside it offers generic todo things. Demo Prepare walls Install grernboard Etc. But, nothing about actual placement of things. No details that we went over.

Before you say this isdue is lokely to happen anyplace, and like to be local to our Lowe's store. It is not by a long run. Every contractor explained that no matter the job location or what Lowe's they worked with, this issue accured every single time. I double checked, and during my broadcast talked about the remodel without saying the name Lowe's.

Several of my viewers knew 100% I was talking about Lowe's. These viewers do not live near me, and tune in from all over. With that this tells me it is feom the Shareholders down. Next problem: Product knowledge.

Two products we had installed Linen Closet and a Toilet by Kohler. At the store we are told about a particular toilet that is ani clogging, and has a grest flushing mechanism. We do actually like the toilet and otder it. As we know any toilet will or can clog.

We are not silly enough to imagine a fully no glog toilet. The toilet clogs the first time it's used for #2. So I use our plunger. Only it will not seal.

Makes a mess even more of a mess water going places oitside of the toilet. We go to Lowe's knowing we will find the proper plunger to clear this issue. Sadly Lowe's does not carry a plunger that works with yhe new keyhole bowel drain. I buy a 3 foot snake, and it fails.

We talk with a very helpful Lowe's employee. He is surprised to lesrn even thr most advanced plunger Lowe's carries fails to seal as he pulled out a huge step ladder to try on the floor model toilets. He had zero idea what to do. Other than show us anothet brand of toilet.

It had the same hole design. And, it promised to flush five golfballs. We went home and called the contractors, and they had no clue what to do to clear the clog. So, we ask them to remove and replace our new toilet with the one we recently saw.

We are told sure thing. We will just pay for install. Whoa! Wait, we just nought this toilet, it clogs.

No one offers any help, and we try to resolve the issue. We have bern used to our 1960's era round hole toilet drains, and we have to psy for install. No we pay the difference in price. I posted on Google maps my Lowe's experience.

And, it was kotky plumbing repair that contacted me. They express understanding, and tell me about the BEEHIVE MAX plunger. At thattime some time has gone by, a week with the clogged toilet And, still not replaced. Well this plunger works like a drezm.

Make sure you get it as straigjt up and down as you can, from my wheelchair this took me two attempts. It took one good plunge to clear the clog. By the way none of the 1840 Lowe's stores carry this plunger. To sell a product without proper supporting products.

That is like selling sink basins and not faucets. Light fixtures and no bulbs. Etc. Next: The linen closet cabinet.

In store it has shelves. And, at no time are we this means even the employee selling the project, are not aware it comes without shelves. Right after instsll, I ask wherr are the shelves? At first the contractor says it doesn't take shelves.

I pointed out the shelf pin holes at the front and back. He realizes this and goes to find the shelves. None are to be found. Anothet contract hears our talk and shares: These used to come with shelves, but most people took them out and instslled ball bearing rail pullout shelves instead.

People did this so often and contacted the maker of the cabinet to get refunded for the unused shelves, they started leaving them out. And, most people use these tall cabinets as pantries in the kitchen. This is the third time seeing this happen. The cabinet maker needs to tell Lowe's about this also.

Now, what can Lowe's do to make this right. First I am in touch with Lowe's Executive or Escalation department. Brenda P. I had asked that my issues be sent to the top.

As, this is not something to be fixed one store at a time. Sense, the issue is company wide. I offer a solution thst will cost near nothing to put into action. The reward could be massive.

She tells me she talked to thr local store... I did not ask for that. Also, do not blame the contractors or employees of Lowe's. So Brenda P.

This is for you. First: Do shsre this as I asked right from the start with: The top shareholders. The Board of Directors. The CEO.

And, anyone else that needs to see this. Next: Company wide policy chamge. When any employee of Lowe's. Meaning contracted with you as a third party, fourth part ect.

Or direct employee makes a promise about something it must be upheld. The Project Folder. Does not contain the full details or direcrions contractors could use. This needs to be changed to where it does have exactly what is claimed.

Simple low cost fix. Very reasonable request on my part. Next: Product knowledge. When any product is dependent on or supported by another, you should mske your buyers aware they must also carry those other products as well.

Or, your customers not the shareholders will go to Home Depot, Menards and such to buy the needed products. This costs vary baded on items purchased. Yet, very reasonable. Have your buyers order Kotky Beehive Max plungers for all 1840 locations.

No I get zero money or other rewards for asking you to carry plungers that work with all toilets. This is or should be a no brainer. Have product reps come in to meet with your buyers, and store employees. Make sure the little things are covered also.

The shelfless caninet when installed. We are told March 6th. Really, so it is that difficult to have contractors cut some wood shelves. And, for the cabinet company to get them to us.

To resolve this: Along with the folder, have the program used to put the project together with pop up a box for cabinets: THIS CABINET SHIPS WITHOUT SHELVES. IS THE CUSTOMER AWARE OF THIS? Have a field where a cudtomer must sign before it clears. And, the option to order shelves at the TIME OF ORDER.

List shelf options: Clear Glass adjustable with shelf pins 7 shelves. Frosted Glass, adjustable with shelf pins 7 shelves. Wood shelves: adjustable with shelf pins 7 shelves. Fully Extendable on metal ball bearing slide rails.

7 shelves. Adjustable with screws. That same information needs to be on an easy to read and view sign or sticker on the display cabinet(s). While these issues can seem local to my store, it is clearly not local.

Here is the cost to Lowe’s these issues create. My project cost $11,000 Bsthroom Remodel. Let's just use the $11,000 by itself is nothing compared to the yearly revenue Lowe's makes. But, I am not taking my next 3 remodel projects to Lowe's.

That alone averages $49,000 just for me alone. Back to the $11,000 Take 1840 number of Lowe's stores. Multiply $11,000 by 1840 You get: $20,240,000 That's correct 1 customer at each Lowe's not spending $11,000 brings the amount lost to $20.2 million. That is a very low number of people not using Lowe's.

But, that represents just one day of business. Lowe's is open 364 days a year. Every day at all locations one customer decides based on service from Lowe's, this post, or other means of sharing that Lowe's is not the place to use... Multiply $20,240,000 by 364.

This reveals how this currrent problem could be costing Lowe's $7,367,360,000 Correct, that is Seven Billion-Three-Hundred-Sixty-Seven-Million-Three-Hundred-Sixty-Thousand dollars. That is based on just one customer not spending $11 grand a day at every Lowe's location for a remodel. That does not include lost business for future remodel and other projects. And, Brenda P at the executive offices decided to ignore my nice request to forward this to the top levels of the company.

And, only contacted the local store nearest me. Brenda, what if I use another Lowe's location. Then I repeat my self. You will contact that store...

Will you do this 1840 morr times? Lowe's can fix this system wide, at little cost.

Fail and, this is why I share how much just one customer can cost a company. I know 99.9% of people would not care about correcting an isdue or issues from the top down, they would not show the value in providing that fix also.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Bathroom Remodeling.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I've been living a Lowes nightmare for the last 6 months trying to get a small kitchen remodeled. I am so angry and disgusted with Lowes, their employees, installers and everyone involved with the project.

The are stupid, incompetent, liers and crooks. I have learned my lesson and will never prepay for any work done on my condo. If someone ask for the money up front you have no leverage when things go bad and they start playing all their games.

They can take all the time in the world to complete the job because they have your money. My goal is to tell everyone I can about the Horrific experience I've had with Lowes


I bought a Todo toilet several years ago based on the "best toilet design to avoid clogging'. I have to unclog it 3 or more times a month.

I've rarely ever had that problem with my original toilet that was installed in 1956. They don't seem to make rectangular (trapazoid?) shaped plungers.I finally found something that works. A Korky plunger. Works well, but sometimes needs more than 1 plunge.I have the next smaller model than the Beehive.

Mine has about a 3" opening at the bottom; Beehive has 5". Don't know if it makes much difference. The bottom half of the plunger is flexible rubber which conforms to the keyhole when pushed.Another thing I like is that when you pull it up when the clog is released , the water and other crud doesn't splash. The water releases from the narrow hole.

Then I clean it by flushing a few times while plunging and the water is clear.Most of the time I spray it with an antiseptic cleaner.One other hint for clogs: Pour some liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. around the bowl and above the clog. After about 5 minutes the clog often slides right down on first try. I go to dollar store for cheap stuff.

Soap is soap. Hope this helps.


I have to agree that Lowes project coordinators lack communication with clients. I have invested time and money on a complete renovation project and between the lowes coordinator and contractor none have been able to provide accurate information regarding the work being done while I am not on the premise.Wrong parts delivered/ordered.

Kitchen cabinets damaged, flooring not received on time.

One issue after another and as a customer when I call to check in on the project I am treated like a nuisance. Night and day level of service once I signed the dotted line.Not impressed with Lowes at all.


We gave them 73,000 for kitchen remodel aug. 2016..contractor got 6,000$ before demo even started.

Wrong cabinets ordered they lie, blame construction errors on customer materials are still missing today and they will not come to finish unless we accept 1,100 reimbursement for work not done. I still have custom millwork sitting in my garage ther are over 6,000$of charges for things not done in this kitchen. They expect the money upfront and the contract said carpenter not paid till punch list and inventory of materials left. They refuse to meet face to face to go over the materials and labor charges not done in this house.

They broke my frigidaire galley double ovens dented my stainless steel fridge door and threw out the piece to my brand new fisher and plyke diswashe.

No one from the bottom to the top tells the truth. No wonder they want their money upfront.



Regarding the recording of phone calls, you do realize that the recording of phone calls is strictly regulated in many countries, including the U.S., correct?

Did you follow the laws regarding recording telephone calls in the U.S.?


I apologize for my spelling, was on my phone when doing this. At this time Brenda is trying t derail the situation with he said, she said.

Brenda trying to play me and my spouse against each other by saying she declined an offer of any toilet of our choice to be installed at no additional cost... When I told Brenda this is not the case. We have the PHONE CALLS about the toilet recorded, as well as all contacts through phone for other reasons. Brenda came back with this was said in store only to my spouse.

Brenda does not realize that whenever my spouse goes to Lowe's I am with her. The only mention of replacement was if the product was DEFECTIVE. The toilet was NOT defective. It simply clogged and we decided on a different brand of toilet and we were ready to pay the difference.

However, the time for the contractor to replace current toilet was NOT discussed, and thus it remained clogged until the company Korky sent us a plunger. Then with the toilet clear again we CANCELED the request to replace the toilet. Brenda seems to think that playing the he said, she said game will work here. Wrong answer Brenda.

And, yes for our very tiny bathroom we where told once the demo work was done, and if no sub floor work was needed it should take 7-10 business day or give or take a week or so. So maybe a month. To tell me that 7 to 10 business days was not mentioned or said... That is the same thing as that folder having all the directions and it did not.

The lovely thing is we have that folder, and everything in or not in it. And, being the support for the CEO and having this available for the top level people to review, is NOT THE SAME AS SHARING IT WITH THEM. Is it? No.

They may not ever look it over, and be able to choose to make system wide changes to IMPROVE LOWE'S even more. However, your not sharing it, insures it pretty much only effects the ONE SINGLE STORE IN MY LOCATION and the only thing to effect all stores is the order for the proper plungers. IF I OR ANYONE ELSE USE LOWE'S from any other location we are sure to have these same issues especially about that Project folder where 5 -6 -or 7 contractors already confirmed that NO MATTER WHAT LOWE'S location they contract from, this is always the same. NO DETAILS to actually help as PROMISED.

Brenda maybe letting the top level people know I am done playing he said she said... I just want our shelves, and this to be over with. Also, I am really thinking Federal Trade Commission might need to get involved. As you seem to think this is somehow resolved.

If the experience leaves me not wanting to use LOWE'S for any business for the rest of my life, then that is hardly resolved. Jon Holtz-Revels