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1) Appliance Heros came on June 18! They were suppose to get the parts within 3 days. That means Friday or Monday June 20th or 22nd. They did not call me at all. I called them on Monday and they said it would come on Tuesday. No call from them. I called back again, they said on Tuesday it did not come in. Wednesday rolls around, no call from them. I call them and they tell me it finally came. Fine sure I'm being patient it happens. Because it's so late already they say they can come on Friday June 27. Finally they come on Friday. By now it's been 9 days. The technician can't fix it, he says it's the main board that's defective. He calls his supervisor and says the part is defective the family has been without a fridge for a week, can we expedite the order? The supervisor says yes ok I'll get it ordered and expedited.

2) I call on Monday June 30th to Appliance Repair Heroes. First they put me on hold and tell me the parts department is busy. Then after 1 hr I call back and say I'm still waiting. This woman named Lisa Desoux answers and tells me my part is due in on Wednesday. I get very upset as they promised expediting it on Monday. Now we're promised delivery by July 2nd (2 days before July 4th) I call Lowe's and am very upset. I told them I need it expedite it's going to be 4th of July and I need my fridge. I tell Lowe's that it is unacceptable I want my refrigerator fixed, it has been more than Lowe's tell me sorry Appliance Heroes are closed. I tell Lowes the story and they say they can't do anything until they contact Appliance Heroes. Still nothing from either businesses. Finally I get a call on Tuesday from Appliance Heroes saying that they cannot expedite it but want to schedule me in for Wednesday or Thursday. Appliance Repair Heroes tells me that they will try to get it to me and asks me for more flexibility. I tell them I can have someone home all day. Appliance Repair Heroes says great. On July 3rd, now it has been more than 15 days. I call them on July 3rd to ask what time they are coming, they said oh we're coming between 3-5 from what you told us originally. Ok what the heck?! I asked my family to stay home so you could have flexibility to come earlier! Ridiculous. Ok fine, I wait until 3-5, the technical comes over still can't fix the fridge, tells me that he will get his office to fax the paper in when he gets back. I call Lowe's and they tell me that they cannot accept my paper and need to contact Appliance Repair Heroes. Guess what?! As I said before I told Lowe's it's cutting too close to July 4th.

3) Now instead of accepting a copy of the paperwork from me so that you can replace my refrigerator, you want to call the Appliance Repair Heroes and get back to me in two business days.

4) Now I have been without a fridge for 19 days. By Tuesday July 8th it will have been 20 days! I am completely unsatisfied with your service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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