Natick, Massachusetts
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Customer service

I went to the Lowe's in Natick. I paid $35 to have someone come out the house to measure for backsplash and another $35 to have someone come out to measure for appliances.

Each time I was told - you will be called in 2 days. Well it has been over 2 weeks and 2 trips to the store to find out why I wasn't called and to get service.

All I got was an obnoxious customer service rep named "Joseph" who gave me the run around about speaking to the manager. So I got my money back, but wasted 2 weeks dealing with an unresponsive company that knows little about customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Pros: Products offered.

Lowes Cons: Lack of service and followup, Obnoxious customer service representative named joseph, Getting the run around from the customer service office, Lack of respect.

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The $35 detail as they call it is a joke.When I purchased my over the range microwave they wanted me to pay $35 just to come out and tell me that it would cost $135 to install the microwave and a bunch more to put in an electrical outlet above the stove, which they wont do but will refer me to an electrician then I can pay them to install the microwave. NO THANKS!

I hired my own electrician to install the outlet and the microwave for less than lowes initial charge.



I work for Lowe's in NC and this is very common with the $35 detail. It is quite a successful little revenue maker for Lowe's Home Improvement because so many customers pay it and then do not get the work/installation done.

Every week I get a call from a customer that says they have not been contacted. We have a division, department , whatever you want to call it that is supposed to "handle" installation services. The last time I called it they told me to call the installer. Customer service associates like me who want to help you the customer get stuck handling it.

Yesterday I handed one to an assistant store manager who called the customer back and asked them to call the installer. Even after multiple, dozens, of calls from customers like yourself that have not been contacted by the same installer, Lowe's continues to use that installer.