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This involes Loews in Seneca, South Carolina, Bi Lo Place Plaza address. We have a back door that needs replacing.

It is a French door (right door, center joint, with inward swing). According to a Millwork Lowes employee, there is no mfg. Company who has our size door, therefore they will not be able to install a door on our home. The exterior frame of the door measures 72 h x 80 w.

Loews did not offer to do a second measurement though a mistake in measurement could be the case. Worse case scenerio, a frame-out size correction (involving competent carpentry). Lowe's installer declined to do the door unless it could be ordered to exact frame size.

To my understanding, this is a standard size door. Lowes subcontractors are substandard and the, service we received was non existant.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Door Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sounds like an error in measurement to me. 72x80 would be a standard rough opening with a 71-1/2 x 79-1/2 frame size.

Even if your frame was 72x80 a standard door would fit in the opening as it is 1/2" smaller and would take minimal shimming and a change to wider trim.

If they are so picky that they will only work with an exact fit, most manufacturers will custom make a door....just be prepared for a big jump in price. All in all it sounds like they did you a favor as I doubt you project would have gone well if you had their contractor do the job.