Lowe's has gotten the last $ they will ever get from me!! I'll be taking my business to Home Depot along with my Facebook friends!!

Customer service means absolutely nothing to Lowe's!! Ellison....congratulations, you've taken a great company to hell!!!

Jim Richardson


User's recommendation: Stay away from Lowe's.

Location: Wilson, North Carolina

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"Facebook friends" You do understand these really aren't "friends?" Most of the people on your list have unfollowed you and don't see your lame @#$# anyway. The others, they know what a whiny muppet you are.

As to going to the HD, something tells me you haven't seen the complaints over there. You'll soon dump them, go the Menards, dump them and be back to Lowes.

If you WANT to break the cycle and get great service, it's time to PAY MORE and shop local. Your thing for cheap will have you crawling back to these Big Box retailers every time.


No one cares... They won't even notice you're gone

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