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First, when we bought our house, we did some remodeling including the bathroom. I bought a delta shower and plumbing, guaranteed for life, but not at lowes.

a year later when it broke they would not replace it. told me that i would have to send it back to delta. I started dealing with Ardmore Plumbing supply and they would have exchanged it.

The final straw was today, last month i bought 10 hedge plants and when i checked out, the lady told me that they had a one year REPLACEMENT guarantee. 6 of the 10 died.

i dug them up and drove to lowes only to be told a receipt was required. so i drove back home, as luck would have it, my wife knew where the receipt was, got it and drove back to lowes. i take the receipt and the dead plants to the "service desk" where they offer my money back on a lowes card or credit my credit card. i tell them about the replacement, she looks up the price on the bushes and it has doubled.

some guy says they will replace them, and i ask her if they have them in stock. she assures me they do, so i go back to the garden center and guess what is not in stock. Lowes will not see another one of my hard earned dollars.

Sorry lumber, employees do not know what the heck they are talking about. I will drive 60 miles round trip to Home Depot before i go back into Lowes in Ardmore Oklahoma

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. gboyd stated that there is a room for improvement of indifference to complaint and rip off. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of delta shower and associated monetary loss in the amount of $35. Lowes needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Why is it so hard for consumers to understand it is NOT the retailer that provides the warranty on products. Delta provides the warranty and if you would bother to read the warranty it will tell you how to contact Delta for warranty coverage.

It doesn't say anything about taking it back to the store you bought it from. You are at the time of season that anyone selling plants has or is in the process of closing them out for the season. You can't expect them to keep plant around outside of the normal planting season.

Had you made the return earlier in the season when they were in stock I am sure they would have exchanged them. You were offered a full refund so you have lost no money.

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