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Two years ago, we bought riding lawnmower from Lowes for over $2500. All 3 tires went flat in the first year, which we fixed.

This year it won't start; warranty is expired. They will not honor or stand-behind their product. We have purchased new battery, changed oil, and had mechanic work on carburator. Didn't lawnmowers used to last a lot longer???

We have been a Lowes customer for many years and this is extremely disappointing. We bought most of our supplies to build a, kitchen appliances, paint, wood and columns for porch.

We can not get a satisfactory solution from them now for a lawnmover.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #652730

It's not a Lowe's product. They don't manufacture anything!!!


Sounds like you bought a lemon. My dishwasher stopped working after 2 years, but I didn't blame Lowes.

I didn't expect them to stand by it. It wasn't their product.

And...we spend over $10k on a few projects at the same time, but again, disherwasher killed over, not Lowe's problem, still shopping there.


Lowes has gone down drastically in the past 5 years and in the last 3 years like a airplane falling out of the sky. The previous CEO was doing a good job, but the current CEO has gotten the company more lawsuits and complaints that is unbelieveable, just read all the lawsuits that Lowes has against them for discrimination, racism, abuse, etc.

They have gotten rid of many managers, mostly good ones and got some of the dumbest managers you can get now. The managers do not know what they are doing and they are running the company into the ground.

Customer service and customer care no longer exists at Lowes, that is why so many employees are miserable working there, if you do not lie, steal, cheat, and be hateful to people you are not Lowes material and you will be fired.


What a laugh! You can't be serious..

The warranty is expired no company in this world compensate you in any way.... Not to mention you should be angry with the manufacture not Lowes, they made that piece of junk....

I would also like to add gas powered equipment have very strict return policy's at all major retailers... Cause consumers don't know wtf they are doing...

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