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I bought a lawn mower from Lowes in Yukon Oklahoma. Before it was a year old it broke down.

I took it back knowing The motor had a warranty on it. The Woman at the desk told me since I hadn't purchased their warranty they couldn't help me. Another woman walked up and corrected her saying they could take care of it, but depending on the problem it could cost as much as $100.00 dollars. Three weeks later I called to check on the progress and was told they send the mowers out and there wasn't any information for me.

I called a second store and they gave me the number of the shop. The mower shop said something was broke on the inside of the mower and they had to take apart the mower, take pictures, send them to Honda. She said it could take a long time before I hear something .

It's been a month and a half since I've seen my mower and it's in the middle of mowing season. Thanks for nothing Lowes!

Monetary Loss: $269.

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Why are you blaming Lowes? It sounds like it is a Honda motor you are having a problem with.

Honda is responsible for the warranty NOT Lowes.

If they require the shop send pictures and get approval before repairing the motor they are causing the delay NOT Lowes. Consumers need to learn that the manufacturer is responsible for the warranty and not the retailer.