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Walked into Lowe's and asked an employee to show me where to have automotive keys duplicated, he pointed to isle 15 and said he would call someone for me. I got to the isle and the other employee was waiting as i got there. I asked can you duplicate my key for me, it's a transponder key. I have my own transponder key as well..

Lowes employee : We don't carry transponder keys here.

Me : I have my own I just need you to make a copy of it.

Lowes employee : sorry sir we don't carry those key..

Me : No I have my own, I just need you to duplicate my key.

Lowes employee : That's a dealer key sir we don't have them..

Me : All I need is for you to do is duplicate this key to this key.

Lowes employee : standing and still holding both my key's says, we can't do that cause we don't want to be responsible for ruining your key..

Me : Look I paid $12 dollars for this key, if you ruin it i will not care, I just want you to copy my key please..

Lowes employee : NO.....

I left and walked into home depot, I asked an employee what isle do they duplicate automotive keys, he says I'll take you there.. I asked the Home Depot employee "can you duplicate my transponder key, I have my own..

Home Depot employee : Sure!!

5 minuets later I was walking out with my fresh cut transponder key.. Got home and programmed it and TA DAAAA... works perfect..

Thank you Lowes for hiring lazy people who cant seem to do the job they were hired to do..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Their policy is there for a reason. Sure, you say you don't care if they ruin your $12 key...

You'll have that attitude as long as it doesn't get ruined.

If it got cut wrong you'd be crying to talk to the store manager and demand reimbursement for your key. You should have had whoever you bought the key cut it, unless you bought it on the internet to save the cost of buying it at a local store who has to figure in the cost of the occasional miscut key as well as the labor costs of an employee cutting that key for you.


I understand that the situation you were presented with is frustrating.

What I can tell you is, it is Lowe' Policy not to cut "coded" or "electric/programmed" keys. You have to understand that rules are the way they are because someone, at some point in time had it done, f'd it up ans sued us for the liability.

So just because you are intelligent enough to follow to process the right way, and not seize your car with a faulty key. Not everyone is.

I have worked for HD and Lowe' s and to be honest that is the policy in both places. What I am assuming is you got an employee who figured it would all work out, which thankfully it did.

The so quoted laziness does not really fall on the employee of Lowe's, because in fact they were not being lazy. That associate was following the rules.

What you might be unaware of, is the Key making area is a very high theft area, and it under constant surveillance.

I have personally witness employes being caught on tape making keys they are not suppose to.

May not be what you want to hear, but its the truth.


Are you even old enough to drive, they said no, it is not lack of knowledge or laziness it is they cannot do it.