NE San Antonio IH35 Lowes - I simply cannot understand why they let dogs in the store. This isn't a kennel or dog park.

They *** and crap everywhere. Fix your insecurity issues and leave them at home. Lowes employees, says something. If you don't mind cleaning up the mess, then power to you.

But shopping there spending real money and I shouldn't have to see or smell this crap. To top it off, most of the time they are not even on a leash. To the Lowes manager: Get your head out of your *** and say something. Get out of your office and actually walk your store.

You don't interact and you hate confrontation. How you became a manager is simple a mystery to me and to your employees.

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Can't say that I have seen a poorly behaved dog in a store. You will see far more children making more of a mess and behaving poorly in stores. Perhaps it's intolerant people that need to be banned from stores rather than well behaved pets.


Good point. This is not France.

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