We purchased a stainless steel dishwasher only to discover when we got home with it that it was black. We called Lowes in Arden and was told that mistakes happen and we could get the dishwasher we Purchased in Brevard.

It is a 80 mile round trip to Lowes in Arden. We went to Brevard only to be told by the manager last night that they would not exchange it for the correct model because this would not make their inventory right. We then had to make ANOTHER trip to Arden store. After talking with the manager we were given the correct dishwasher and another 10% back.

I am not happy having to deal with a mistake that was not ours!!!!!

Why should I continue to shop at Lowes? I thought any Lowes would have been able to accomodate us!!!

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If it's a pain to get to the Arden store why didn't you buy it at the Brevard store in the first place? Of course the Arden store would like the Brevard store to exchange the dishwasher, the one you got is worth less than the one you paid for.

The Brevard store shouldn't have to take the loss, you didn't buy it from them. Don't complain about having to drive to get the problem fixed when you can't support your local stores and buy the products there in the first place.

to I*** #667533

The guy posting on everyone's complaints is a Douche. Lowes is not a franchise.

It is a corporation. If one lowes messed up then they all did.

The manager was lazy and didn't want to do paper work. If I was the manager of the brevard store I would of gladly taken the dishwasher and said next time you want to make a purchase think of us in brevard.

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