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Here’s the thing about Lowes installation contracts. It concerns ‘forced arbitration’. Meaning that if a dispute arises between you and Lowes as the result of a faulty installation, you could be out of a lot of money even if you choose to take them to arbitration which is your only recourse if informal mediation between you and the store that provided the service fails.

First of all, you’ll need an attorney unless you want to want to ‘bring a knife to a gun fight’ because there’s a good chance that if faced with arbitration, Lowes will certainly bring out their ‘hired guns’. If the billable hours of your attorney begin at $305.00/hour, you’re then looking at well over $1,500.00 for at least 5 hours (minimum) to prepare for the hearing with dispositions, discovery and so on.

Then there’s the expert witness that you’ll need to hire because again, Lowes will bring one or more of their best to the proceedings! So be sure to add another $2,000.00 (for each expert witness) to your legal fees.

For example, If your claim against Lowes for totals around $3,000.00 and the arbitration panel finds for the plaintiff (that would be you) for the entire amount, you will have won nothing since you’re down another $500.00 for all your effort (that’s if you chose to include the testimony of at least one expert witness).

Incidentally, if you read further into the fine print on the last few pages of your installation contract with Lowes, you’ll notice that you also have the option to bring them to ‘small claims’ court depending on the amount of your claim. However, if you choose to bring Lowes to small claims court, they will need to bring an attorney since Lowes is a major corporation and cannot send an ‘ordinary manager’ to represent them in court. The rules for the county in the state in which I reside prevents attorneys from representing their clients in small claims court. They would instead be referred to the next level, district court, where attorneys are allowed by both parties.

And since the ‘fine print’ in Lowes’ contract for installation services precludes a consumer from suing Lowes in a general court of law, your only other recourse is ‘forced arbitration’. Hence, Lowes has ‘all the bases covered’. I found this out after I consulted an attorney who spent well over an hour with us for only $40.00 (we found through a legal-aid referral from our county Bar Association) and deciphered the cryptic legalese of my installation contract with Lowes. By the way, this is a fairly common legal tactic used by larger companies that have numerous complaints and wish to minimize their costs for litigation.

The moral of this cautionary tale; if you’re considering using Lowes especially for a major renovation, and something goes wrong as a result of their installation, if you file a claim, and eventually go to arbitration (even with legal representation and expert witnesses to support your case), you may find the amount your recover will barely cover your legal costs and you will have won an worthless moral and hollow victory.

And in my case, after all the grief I’ve suffered due to the incompetence of one of Lowes ‘highly skilled’ contractors, I’m not about to add insult to injury by giving these ‘bottom dwelling ***-suckers’ the satisfaction of knowing I’ll have spent even more money by pursuing them in arbitration.

So it’s a given I’ll never recommend Lowes installation services to anyone nor will I ever set foot in another of their stores to spend a bloody dime as long as I am drawing a breath. But I also truly believe in ‘Karma’ (what goes around, comes around) so in one way or another, Lowes (including everyone from the store manager down to the contractor who had their grubby little hands on my project) will someday get theirs. And the most delicious part, it will be when they least expect it!

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I have one thing to say, "DON'T HIRE LOWES FOR ANY HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECT". The worse experience in my whole life, and I'm 68 years old.

Save your money and sanity. I cannot I cannot believe how horrible this went - lies; incompetent contactors, pass the buck, no returned p phone calls, no returned emails, and switching materals we chose for cheap products. Who does this????

Lowes does. Stay away fro them


Lowe's hired some *** floor installer for our tile. Now you trip over lippage and all the thin set coming through the grout.

Has been 1 1/2 years and finally go to arbitration in December, *** at Lowe's never explained the contract and used the wrong grout.

The contractor has never returned to complete the project. Would NEVER recommend Lowe's for anything, unless you want to be taken advantage of for life.


Lowes doesn't let you read all those fine print until you sign because you sign on page 3 and page 4-7 have all that stuff and they pull it away from you and say here now sign this one. And so on and that is how it goes.

And there Project Managers are trained in Smoke& Fire & Mirrors to keep you from realizing what is going down. And later on when you catch them they come up with all kinds of double talk andDon't remembers.


I am going through it now. Window install in Nov. 2017 and still not settled in July 2018.


About to begin this mediation/arbitration/court journey with them regarding installation of six Pella replacement windows . .

. wish me luck.

to Tina Barrett #1518877

can you contact me at my email tcollada@yahoo.comThank youTere


Reading this makes me so sad. I'm dealing with Lowes regarding the damage they did when installing the kitchen.

They want us to sign a certificate of release before they fix what they damaged when installing the cabinets.

There is no way we can't sign a release that we really don't know if they will fixed what they damage. The interesting is their mission to “Never Stop Improving.” They have caused a devastating burden to the construction of our home which has negatively impacted our personal and financial lives.Any suggestion?


Pretty sure we can file a class action suit.

to Anonymous #1535657

Wow, me too!


Agreed!!!!!What a disappointment dealing with their great contractors!!!Can't install A fence correct the first time or the 2nd time and want a 3rd try!!And wont do anything to compensate us!!


What a great, and true, account of what is happening with lowes. I am having issues right now with installation of new exterior doors.

No one, including the executive customer service team, is helpful. I have moved all of my business to Home Depot. It is no wonder why HD stock is over $200, while lowes is at $99.18.

Lastly, you will notice that I cannot even bring myself to capitalize their name. I have so much disrespect for them, that I won't even recognize them with a capital letter.


I am going through this with a window install which they hired a licensed fence decking siding contractor. A disaster, it started in Dec.

2017 and has done around $60,000.00 in damages.

Seven months now and nothing. Not only do they have incompetent employees to handle your complaints they also have insurance agents that enjoy playing elementary school games with you.


I agree, we are going through it now.


Totally agree Do not use any box for large projects.


This comment reads like a long bitter diatribe from a teenaged girl who got dumped by her boyfriend OR a theoretical muckraking about an event which apparently never happened because if is laced with "if...then" - fantasy and fiction, not real. And I don't care for your vulgarity.


Not sure CSLB would handle cases of arbitration against Lowe's but its seems if a licence contractor did the work you would have that recourse of CSLB. Its a timely process but CSLB paid for my expert witness and all the arbitration cost.

I represented myself but was very prepared.

It was only against a Private Contractor and no attorneys were involved. I did win the case and the decision is final and contractor license was suspended until I was paid in full.


Too late to read this!


Agreed. We had a poor quality installation of flooring (wood) Lowes (sub-contractor Keller Interior).

We later found NWFA.org.

In Florida, Lowes sub-contract with Keller Interiors. The report we got back from NWFA.org was that it was a "amateur" job.

Yes, do read the contract as they will limit you (small claim in FL is max at $5K).

Avoid Lowes and Keller and seek true professionals; may cost a little more, but you avoid the HEADACHES.


All true, but please be aware that all the 'big box stores' do the same thing. You are always better off dealing with specialty shops, and even with them, do your homework.

It usually costs more but it's worth it. We have been happy with work done by specialty professional companies and would not consider using a big box company.

Lowes is no worse than the others.

We buy products from them but never services, unless it's just to deliver something to our driveway. Even that can be screwed up but not as often or as easily.


I’m not sure what you discussed with an attorney but according to the contract Lowes cannot use an attorney. Arbitration isn’t mandatory, it’s an option including small claims court.

I do agree that they would probably not send a random employee. However if you legally serve someone and they do not appear, then they forgo representation. I’m sure they have legal experts that are t lawyers to ensure they don’t lose.

If you win a case in small claims court you can recoup the costs associated with filing and presenting your claim not to exceed the limit of small claims court. I hope this helps.

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