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I give you this detail in the hopes that someone in upper management will read this and correct the problem. Here we go, on Saturday, August 12 I've visited Lowe's on Inwood Road in Dallas Texas.

I needed a few specialty bolts and took them up to the cashier. The barcode was worn off the packages and she had no idea what to do. I must've held the line up for at least five minutes. She then asked me to go back and see if there was another package with a good barcode.

When I returned to this cashier and let her know there were no more packages, she told me that there was nothing that she could do about this item on the purchase. Needless to say, by this point I decided to go somewhere else. In the process of going to their competitor (HD)I thought that someone in management at that Lowe's store should know. When I called, the operator did not want to transfer me to the store manager and put me on the line with a service desk person named Mixx.

I found him to be very rude, and spoke with a very strong accent of which you could hardly understand on the phone. I will not be going back to this store and will advise all my contractor friends to avoid this location as well

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I've learned a few things about shopping since stores stopped placing price tags on merchandise. The most important is that if it doesn't have a barcode the cashier can't scan it.

If I pick up a product without a barcode I look for another one that has the barcode. If it doesn't I find someone on the sales floor to get a barcode for the product. I've learned that the cashiers can't leave the register to go find one. They will have to contact someone who will often have to come to the register and go back to the floor to get a code.

It's much quicker to get someone on the floor to get the code BEFORE you go to the register than taking a product without a barcode to the register. This is true of any store you go to, not just Lowes.

Yes, in an ideal world everything would have a tag, and usually does, but stickers can fall off or be pulled off and end up missing. Shop where ever it's convenient for you but realize the same thing can happen there as well and then you'll have to find somewhere else to shop.


No, it's not the customer's responsibility to have products properly marked, but it is their responsibility to accept that they have no right to get upset when it takes the cashier time to ring up the merchandise. It's THEIR fault when they step up to the register and say "It said this is 5.98." No amount of training is going to allow cashiers to memorize item numbers for hundreds of thousands of products.


This is a perfect example of how incompetent and condescending the box stores have become. It is NOT and never will be the responsibility of a customer to have products properly marked and ready for sale.

And it is NOT the customers fault that the employee, whether it be a cashier or anyone else, doesn't know where to find the proper price/bar code. That is *** poor training.

incompetence , or just plain laziness on the part of ever employee involved. This is the kind of thing that makes my skin crawl, knowing that thousands of locally owned businesses have gone bankrupt because of stores like Lowe's.

to Anonymous #1523169

Wow you must think cashiers are superheroes who can just magic a barcode into the system out of nowhere. I agree with the earlier part about it being the company's job to have things ready for sale. But the cashier's can't magic their way into knowing what the item's barcode is.


So it's the cashiers fault the barcode was worn off the package? When you went back to look for more packages, you could have looked at the bin label in the drawer and gotten the item number.

I see *** everyday break the package open to check the thread size and then they take a package that is not opened. But it's the cashiers fault.

to Lowes Hardware #1360032

It's NOT the customers job! It's Lowe's responsibility to have bar codes on products AND know what the prices are!

to Anonymous #1361629

You argument doesn't make it the cashiers fault...You are arguing just to argue.


You *** always manage to know when the price is 2 cents higher than the sticker on the shelf, but you can't figure out that the same sticker also had the item number for the item you're purchasing.


So does this mean that Lowes cashiers are incompetent or just this this particular cashier is incompetent because going by the heading of your complaint, Lowes has incompetent cashiers.


So exactly what would you have done if you were the cashier?

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