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To whom it may concern: LG Refrigerator Problem I purchased an LG Model #LSC27925ST, on 8/23/14, side by side Stainless Steel refrigerator through a Lowe's Store in Cape Coral, Florida. I also purchased a 5 year extended warranty contract through Lowe's.

Before year end of 2015 the plastic liner in the inside wall of the freezer developed a crack (approx. 22inch) across the liner. We contacted Lowe's to have it repair, in which they referred us to Best Service of America ,Inc the technician stated that it was a cosmetic problem not covered by the warranty.

We contacted Lowe's again they referred us to A & E Factory Service, after they cancelled 5 appointments, the technician finally showed up and again claimed it was cosmetic, it did not affect the freezer, therefore it was not covered. Now the crack is bigger and wider and we now have an ice build up from the crack running down to the bottom of the freezer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Refrigerator Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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If you are not satisfied with how a product hols up why do you balm the store rather than the manufacturer that built it? The store had nothing to do with how LG built the refrigerator. What aren't you complaining about LG?


Read the warranty. It will repair items that are a functional problem but you will find that cosmetic items (cracks, dents, parts that fall of but don't affect the cooling) are not covered. Always look at what you are paying for before you buy an extended warranty.


You were so worried about getting a stainless steel exterior that you failed to examine the hopelessly plastic interior. Duh.


You fell for the "extended warranty" scam. Every store sells these things for any and all appliances, electronics, etc.

They are only useful as a means of padding the bottom line of the retailer. Best to avoid them, as you now should realize.