Beaverton, Oregon
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Went to Lowe's for an air conditioner. All out of stock, but was told an order was on the way and would be delivered possibly that night, but surely by Saturday which is the pickup date on my receipt (yes I paid in advance).

Promised me a phone call as soon as it arrived. No phone call, Saturday comes, can't get the service desk on the phone due to poor automated phone system. Drive there and ask about it. After three different people looked into it I was told they weren't going to get anymore of that model this season.

Get a credit to my credit card I hope actually goes through.

I will never shop there again. Hillsboro Oregon Lowe's.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Sorry this happened to you. No comment on your situation, but I have found with other businesses that if you want to talk to a person, keep pushing zero over and over until it transfers your call. It usually works for me.