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my wife and I purchased a house and needed new appliances. We had gone to Lowes and picked out a fridge, microwave, and stove- all matching in stainless steel on the Monday before the house closing, that was on Friday.

I asked the salesman if I could pay for the items and leave them there for pickup on Friday, after closing. I was told that I would have to take them with if I paid for them, but he promised me that when I came back on Friday, I could buy them then, and he would have all three waiting for me. I told him that the house I was buying didn't have any appliances, and, with my luck, they would be sold out when I returned to pick them up. He stated " we have a surplus of all three in stock, I assure you they will be here".

Friday after the closing, I went back to Lowes and found they had the microwave and stove, but were sold out of the matching fridge.I gave the salesman working then, the card of the other salesman who made me the promise, and asked him to check in back. He returned and told me that they were out, but would call the store manager and asked of they would give me a discount on the damaged floor model fridge. I then stood by the counter as he called the manager and asked about the discount. I could hear the manager tell him to give a $100 discount on the $1200 fridge.

The salesman hung up and advised the manager approved a $25 discount. As pissed as I was, I needed the fridge. They then loaded the fridge onto a service cart and scratched the stainess steel front, telling me to buy polish, and buff it out. I ended up going off, yelling, in front of the store.

I'm sure my brother-in-law, who was there to help pick up the items, was probably counting his money to see if he had enough to post my bond. The manager then came to the front of the store and asked me what the problem was. When I told him the whole story, he did give me a more expensive fridge at the same price as the one I had picked out- it didn't match the microwave and stove exactly, but was close, and I was thankful. 1 year later, I needed to replace my dryer and wash machine.

After checking with the Sears and Menards in my town, and being unable to find a electric dryer on sale, I went back to Lowes after being talked into it by my father. I picked out a washer and dryer and took them home. After bring them into the basement, I found the dryer was not working and returned it. I had picked out a different brand that was about $30 more, and was told to go to the service desk for a refund on my debit card for the first dryer and then pay for the second one.

I did, and then loaded the new dryer into my dad's pickup and started to pull out of the parking space when I saw two Lowes employee's running after me. Thinking I forgot something I stopped and got out of the truck. They then told me that they called the police, and that I hadn't paid for the dryer. I then showed them my refunded receipt along with the new receipt.

I said they were sorry and would call the police back.

Based on my experience with Lowes, I stopped at the DeKalb Police station on my way home and made sure. I would like to thing of my Lowe's experience as bad luck, but I refuse to buy anything there ever again.

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i am so very sorry that we did this to you. It never should have happened.

Please do not blame the whole store for what one of the employees did. Please always inform the store manager. this way he can take care of your needs and keep you a happy customer. Also retrain the misinformed employee.

Customers can purchase items for pick up later. If you are told otherwise, please ask for a manager. As far as the police go. I would still contact the store manager so that he may take care of this so that it does not happen to you or anyone else again.

Again I am very sorry.



The salesman can make money off a damaged or floor model item. As long as the price is 10% off the original price or 10% off of what the computer has it listed for.

Lowes is a very shady place to work. They treat thier employees like ***.Talk down to you and make you feel like your always walking on pins and needles. I put up with it for 3 years because of the money and spiffs off the appliances. I will never work there again and alway's tell others not to shop at Lowes.

Mr Niblock CEO when a employee sends you a email to your personal account at least you can do is resond to them!! You and Lowe's make me sick!!!!!!!!!!


They should have allowed you to purchase your original appliances the first time and set it as a "Pick Up Later, or P/L"..which ensures X number or whatever you bought stays there. I dont know why the salesman would lie, since they dont make commision off of the damaged floor models.