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I have worked for Lowe's for several years. I have received emails and notices and we have been told of improvements that would make Lowe's a better place to work. Well I haven't seen any of it. In fact I've seen things go down to the point that it seems as if you're in a fast flowing spiral.

The manager at my store has been a manager too long. He barks at employees and in the same instance he talks to customers as if wooing a lover. And he has made no secret of the fact that he doesn't want to be a manager. He feels that he is a prime candidate for corporate management. Apparently corporate doesn't feel the same.

Ever heard the term it's not what you do it's who you know? Welcome to Lowe's. That's how it works here. We have two managers that have ruined their departments and had employees quit so fast it would make your head spin. But those managers are still in place.

In an effort to save money staffing has been drastically cut. Some departments have no coverage at all for several hours during the day. This means that employees in other departments have to do their job as well as cover the non staffed departments. And this is expected of part time employees who don't get the hours or the benefits that full time employees do. Would you work in a place like that?

And NO, the customer is NOT always right. But you aren't allowed to dispute a customer in any way about anything. A customer can purchase a $2000 lawn tractor, take it home, run over a pile of cinder blocks and into a brick wall and then come in and say they want a new one and they'll get one.

They can special order a complete kitchen remodel using appliances and cabinets that we don't even stock, cancel the order after the merchandise has been shipped to the store and we take the loss. That's right. We take the loss. 100%. We pay to ship the merchandise back. We pay the vendor restocking fees. The customer gets every penny back. And what doesn't get shipped back goes out for sale at a reduced price and then the very same customer that ordered it buys it.

Right now my store, as well as several others in my district, has a new employee requirement. You have to learn how to drive a piece if equipment to keep your job. You are supposed to be able to choose what to learn to drive. My manager wanted me to learn a forklift. I said I didn't want to learn how to drive the forklift. I don't like being on the forklift. I am uncomfortable on it. I told my manager. But my manager put all the testing pertaining to the forklift on my learning plan anyway. I did all the learning plans. But I got on the order picker and learned to drive it instead. I am much more comfortable with it. And I did well. When I told my manager, my manager had a fit and started an argument with me in front of several other employees. Not good. I went to my ASM and explained what happened. The ASM told me not to worry about it.

My department manager is a personal friend of the store manager. They go to lunch together. In fact they had quite a few lunches together when my manager was in the process of applying for the job. Remember what I said about who you know?

My manager has had the job for less than a year and has had 4 employees quit or request a transfer. And another employee in the department is counting the days until he can be transferred.

I get up in the morning with a horrible feeling in my stomach on the days that I have to go in to work. Life shouldn't be like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So, firstly... everything was very well said.

Accurate but not completely over embellished. So thank you for that, honesty is great.

Frankly what it sounds like is a bad store. We all know Lowes pays much higher then most retailers, and the benefits are pretty good. NOT great, but pretty good.

I had much the same experience at my first store, it was "clicky" as i like to call it.

People just didn't care. No matter what I said, or who I wrote it didn't help.

So I changed stores, it was a big risk and thankfully it paid off. most new younger smaller stores always hit there bonus's and have a much better staff.

with newer management.

If moving isnt an option, and for you it might not be. I would suggest the 1800 anonymous hotline. It really does work, takes about 2 weeks of someone calling every other day to report, but once there are enough reports the higher ups come crashing down.

And because its anonymous, you don't have to give your name, and there for you can call in and be as many different people as you want. Its not right but sometimes to look out for yourself you gotta play a little dirty.


thats is so true all that you have said!! if your not kissing *** or buddy buddy with management u go no where..

been working for them for 3 yrs a bunch of ***.