Tampa, Florida
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I am a disabled veteran. I went to the Lowe's store on 22nd.

ave. n. in St. Petersburg,Fl.

My intention was to buy an air conditioner and ceiling fan. I asked if they had electric carts for the disabled. I was told that they only had two. one was in use by another disabled customer and the other was nowhere to be seen, absolutely no concern by the employees(asked several).

I checked another entrance to no avail. I got "pissed" and left. I went across the street to Home Depot and purchased both to the tune of $330.

Bad customer relations and you lost one. I worked in the home improvement industry for Fred Meyer on the west coast and if any employee treated a customer in this manner you are unemployed.

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You sir are a retard......I am also a disabled vet. The V.A.

gave me an electric chair for free and it fits in my wifes Nissan Versa. Get up off your fat *** and walk.

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