Lexington, South Carolina

very good prices advertised for Maglight flashlights,the flier suggested online ordering but after checking ten stores i discovered that there was "limited availability on all models and therefore not able to order online! The local Lowes store showed only one in stock,but I was in this same store last week and there was a large display at that time.Seems like every time they have a sale most of the items are suddenly in short supply the day before the sale starts.

This has happened several times before.

Coincidentally, Lowes does not offer rain checks. I am a local contracter and spend a sum of money there in a years time,but I will try to find other suppliers when I can in this small town, Athens,Ohio.

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Same for me. Lowes had the sale running through the weekend.

I went online and managed to purchase a Skil Miter Saw. When I took the receipt to the store,expecting to pick up my order, I was told that my order was cancelled and they had no more. She then said I received an e-mail stating a cancellation. After I said I had no mail, she shrugged her shoulders and told me to drive 3 hrs to get one from another store.

Great Customer Service. Thanks Lowes for charging my cc card and not giving me the product.


Those "very good prices" were for Lowe's Black Friday Sale. Like any other store at this time of year, Black Friday deals clear out real quick.

Lowe's doesn't offer a rain check on BF deals because the discounts are so deep, and because each store only gets a limited number of product for that sale.

Any other regular item in the store can be rainchecked, but not Black Friday stuff. Its the same at Home Depot, Kohl's, Walmart and Target.