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I bought a 1500 dollar Husquevarna lawn tractor at Loews.; First time I mowed, the tires went flat. I could not believe it.

I went back to the store and they said that because "you did not purchase the warranty so you will have to tow it in to the dealer" . "No we do not sell their tires" he added with a sick smile, "ya shoulda bought the warranty. I felt like I was dealing with a mafia hood. I called Husq, and they said there was a bad batch of tires and no recall but the local dealer should take care of it for me.

I went to the local dealer and they said Loews leaves them out in the Texas sun all year and they dry rot, Not a good idea to buy from someone like that, and on and on. Not their fault, etc. Dozens of calls to Loews and Husquevarna and I spent more time on hold than mowing. The only heroes in the story are Discount Tires which kept reinflating the tires (which I would bring them after jacking up the mower and removing them before mowing).

They cheerfully did it for free and were very polite. After four mow and deflate cycles, I finally bought new tires and realized I was dealing with outfits that are negligent, hostile and short term thinkers. They got their money all right. I will also tell this story to anyone with a pulse.

Loews idea of long term thinking is to basically wet the bed to warm up.

They have a hand to mouth culture but eventually will run out of "one time customers". I am very disappointed in them.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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The Lowesguy makes the case and has the final and last word. Their atTitude towards the public is "the public are suckers".

So how does Lowes guy respond? By saying the complaint was invalid because there was a typo when the name was typed. "You should have bought the warranty." The only guy wanted was to buy four new tires WHICH THEY DO NOT SELL. They sell the mower but do not even for money sell the tires and treat their customer dismissively when he tries to buy tires.

The "lowesguy" is the prototype of the company, kind of like the subway guy. He responds to a legitimate complaint with ridicule. Sell the stock if you have any, look fora other job and pray for a change in management until then.

I hope the "lowesguy" has nothing to do with the store chain. My first though is that he must be a Homedepot plant.


Thanks God I read this is too bad and shame full. I was thinking lowes is a good company now I no thanks


How did you buy a riding mower at loews?? Dont they sell groceries?


Lowes has a 30 day no questions asked return policy. Unless you waited a month to mow your grass you should have just taken the mower back and gotten a new one. Past that 30 days it is indeed the Manufacturer you will need to contact for any issues.


The manufacture's warranty is just that! Lowe's is not a non profit organization, therefore, they cannot absorb the cost of every defect. The manufacturer is responsible.


I cannot believe how *** the commentors are on this problem. Just because the guy can't spell Lowes doesn't mean he should get a defective product.

Lowes IS responsible for the products they sell, just like any dealer. The tractor has a manufacturers warranty, Lowes should have honored it.

And BTW, tires WILL dry rot if you leave them sitting outside with no movement for an extended period. If you let a car sit in the driveway for a year with no driving, the tires will be flat and probably damaged by the end of that year.


Its lowes you reject not loews. if your too dumb to spell it dont slam it.


It's not Lowes' product. It is Husquevarna's.

Husquevarna is responsible for the warranty not Lowes. Sounds like this dry rot is a bunch of BS. I assume you live in Texas and drive a car.

Are your tires rotting from being in the sun? I would have gone to another service center.


That's why the warranty is offered! If Husquevarna didn't have a recall, what did you expect Lowe's to do?

They don't manufacture the mowers.

You have to take some responsibility for not buying the warranty. I can't wait for retailers to stop catering to the ones who feel entitled to something free.