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I bought a scratch and dent refrigerator from Loews in Webster,NY that had a small dent in the door,so no problem i can live with that.I asked the salesman if everything worked he said yes works fine just that dent in the door. The next day it arrives the delivery guys take the doors off my front door take out the old one and bring in the new one,and plug it in and NOTHING!!!!

No lights sound completely dead!

So the day before i sold my old fridge expecting the new one that just has a dent in the door to work but no,now I am out a fridge on Christmas eve with family on there way! THANKS LOEWS IN WEBSTER,NY!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1199.

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Henrietta, New York, United States #838337

Sorry to hear that - I bought a scratch and dent from Lowes in Henrietta, NY and LOVE it!


I thought loews sold groceries..not appliances. Isn't that a food store??


As working multiple departments in lowes anytime I have worked delivery several times and anytime we have delivered an appliance we have tested the product in front of the customer and showers them how it works. Anytime a customer is not happy lowes will gladly take the appliance back and if and dent ot or major scratching is discovered the very first the offered to the cutsomer is either a discount or offer to take the appliance back another. Your experience is based upon a lie and you can't even spell Lowes


I'm just wondering why you would have a new refrigerator delivered on Christmas eve. Your old one obviously worked or no one would have bought it.

What did you do with the food that was in it as it was gone when the new one arrived? Once you get a new one it takes time for it to cool down.

Poor planing on your part. If it had been me buying a damaged refrigerator I would have had them plug it in and show me it ran before I bought it.

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