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Loews is the worst company I have ever dealt with . I had a delivery scheduled for 6/15/18 they never showed up.

After calling I was told the order was cancelled . I never cancelled it. I call the Exec office and was told it was not cancelled it was on the truck. I called back exec office and was told they made a mistake and gave me BS and said their elevator broke and it will be delivered on Sunday morning.

I called at 11:00 was told it will be here soon.

I called at 1:50 was told it will be here in 10 min by 2:00 PM it is now 2:35 no calls from anyone. on hold with shipping.

Next time I go to HOME DEPOT and everyone else should Not but at Loews

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Cons: Suck.

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Lowes uses a company called DSI ( F rating on BBB) where I live - Northern CA. We are on day 39 of living in a hotel since DSI subcontracted with a company that clearly didn’t train employees how to hook up washing machines.

Home was flooded, thousands of dollars to repair. DSI and their subcontractor refused to give insurance info - a violation of state regulations. Lowes gave me claim number, sent an adjuster then refused to pay for home repairs. Why?

Because as a renter I requested a separate claim for the owner and refused to take money on her behalf. Now we wait until homeowners insurance approves repairs. So yeah ...

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Not sure where you're all from... But in Pa, Lowe's owns and hires their drivers. There is no third party delivery unless you are getting something directly shipped via FedEx or UPS.


Home Depot uses the same delivery company so good luck with that.


Lowes has a 3rd party delivering company. They don't hire drivers or anyone to deliever.

It's all a different company that handles deliveries. Lowes only puts the item out for delivery on the trucks and then what ever happens with the drivers and the trucks iant lowes responsibility it's the 3rd party.

to Anonymous #1504314

Yes but that company need to answer to Loews for screw up. Besides it was a LOEW'S F_CK up they did not get the product down from the store warehouse

to Anonymous #1504317

Loews never put the item out for Delivery


I just love the people complaining here about Lowes that are headed to Home Depot as though it is going to punish Lowes. You obviously haven't bothered to look at the posts about Home Depot.

There are just as many people there that are running to Lowes because Home Depot screwed up their delivery. The fact is, deliveries can be a problem for any store. If I owned a store there would be no deliveries. Customers would have to arrange their own transportation if it's as simple as they seem to think it is.

I have purchased from both Lowes and Home Depot and have had good luck with their deliveries.

I had worked at another home center and they were the only store I had delivery problems with. They figured that since I was an employee I wouldn't mind sitting around on my 1 day a week off waiting for my delivery rather than working on the project i had planned.

to Anonymous #1504313

when you leave a company to purchase from another company it hurts their bottom line. it also shows them there are issues that need improvement

to Steve #1504628

The point is that Home Depot is no better. When you walk out of Home Depot mad, where are you going next?


Lowes Does Not have a delivery service.Lowes contracts out with a third party vendor to deliver their products.So your complaint is with the third party vendor, Not Lowes.Home Depot also uses a third party vendor to deliver their products.So the Same thing happens at Home Depot as well.

to Anonymous #1503050

I was dealing with the Loews office, and was then told their store elevator was out and assured it would be delivered.Bottom line is I bought it from Loews, They are responsible for the companies they hire to deliver products. I did not need to lose 2 days of work and not have any food due to their negligence

to Anonymous #1506310

Your wrong and stupid. Every truck they have says Lowe’s.{{Redacted}}

to Anonymous #1509910

Trust me, it's in the PA Eastern coast area, it's 3rd party.

to Anonymous #1509933

It's Lowe's responsibility to make sure it is done correct, not the buyers job to track down the 3rd party

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