2196 Nesconset Hwy, Stony Brook, NY 11790, USA
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This is a mess. Someone from Lowes did call me.

But guess what!! Yep, did NOTHING! I need someone to help her. Lowes (Stony Brook NY) hired Gemini (Jim 631-399-4369) to do work in my 91 YR Nannies house.Look at these pics.

They are ALL taken in one single room. Lowes tells her the job is fine. Gemini went to her house and took pics and told her the work is food. Now both Gemini and Lowes are ignoring her.

This is not fair to do to a 91 year old woman.

I dont know how to help her other than ask for help here. I posted a few pics online.But I am not an expert with this kind of thing either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geminifl Ooring Flooring.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Sadly, so typical. "not MY fault" is the rule Lowe's lives by, "we have NOTHING to do with the installers".

True, they can be sending a serial killer or a child molester to your house because, they simply don't want to "get involved" with anyone who they send into people's HOMES.

Wonder why, like a local building materials warehouse near me, they don't simply supply people with a list of installers in the area and allow the CUSTOMER make a choice as to who they would like AFTER they are allowed to do their own investigation(s) into the back ground(s) of who they are inviting in ? Or, they "could" interview, background check, and hire their own installers...but no, the prefer to "force" people into your home that they don't know a thing about and (possibly) would NEVER invite into their own homes.


It looks like you gained some floor space during the project.

The real problem is that the old trim was re-used and is no longer of adequate length to run the entire length like it used to.

This is not the floor installer's problem or duty to correct.

That floor molding is obviously ancient, multiple repaints, damaged, etc.

It ill be relatively inexpensive to correct and look like a million bucks when finished.

She may be 91 but I bet she's had worse problems than this in her long life. It's really nice of you to watch out for her but it would be more help if you'd just get the problem fixed and move on ; don't upset her any more than you have to.

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