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In Nov 2011 Lowe's installed 6 rooms of carpeting. 13 months later, the carpet was sagging and bulging in 2 of those rooms and a seam was showing in a 3rd room. Lowe's re-stretched the carpet in the 2 rooms and fixed the seam even though it was 1 month past the 1 year installation warranty. 1 year later, the carpeting in the same 2 rooms started loosening again, creating hills more than an inch or 2 high, and the same has occurred, to a lesser degree, in 3 more of the rooms. The carpet is bulging, can be lifted off the floor easily and it is hard to close the bedroom door because the carpet has bunched at the strip. In addition, the same seam is beginning to show again.

During the 5 months we have spent trying to get Lowe’s to resolve this problem, I discovered that they did not follow proper industry standards according to Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) which require the installer to “allow the carpeting to sit for an appropriate period of time before installing (at least 24 hours).” Ours was installed the same day it was delivered; in winter, where, according to those standards, temp made an even bigger impact. In addition, a "helper" did most of the installation in the two worst rooms. According to the Install Mgr from Belle Vernon Lowe's, who finally did come out and look at the carpeting after 5 months of pleading, “You can lift it. This is an installation problem.” “The carpet itself is in good condition.” “The helper was only supposed to carry carpeting.” He seemed genuinely surprised that the helper actually installed carpeting. Two days after his visit, the Lowe's Belle Vernon General Manager called to say that "Yes, it is an installation problem. Because it's past the one year warranty, we can’t do anything for you.” A letter sent to Lowe's Corporate resulted in the same response. They all say there is nothing they can do, but I counter that there is nothing they are willing to do.

I understand completely that businesses need to protect themselves against unreasonable claims. I even understand that these problems occurred after the warranty expired so, technically, they are not required to fix them. What I don’t understand is what kind of company acknowledges that their poor installation caused a problem (which became obvious only 1 month past the warranty expiration and then occurred again 1 year after they “fixed” it) but then cares so little about customer satisfaction that they are only willing to do that to which they are legally bound.

What I am left with now is that this is the quality of Lowe’s work and, apparently, they are fine with that standard and perception. Their customers are not their priority. Doing the bare minimum is.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Lowe's response was "YES, IT'S AN INSTALLATION PROBLEM, THEREFORE, IT'S PAST THE WARRANTY; AND WE HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY.-----------------------------------

We are not surprised with this response since, as we stated in our original complaint, that has been their response all along. We are disappointed that Lowes refuses to accept responsibility for, by their own admission, their bad installation. Ours was not a situation where something wore due to use. It was a sub-standard installation that failed very shortly after the warranty expired. Quality carpet installation would not produce these severe bulges and hills within a 2-3 year time frame. This has been a costly lesson for us that we hope others do not have to experience. We made a mistake entrusting Lowes with this expensive, and now unsightly, project in our home. Based on their unwillingness to stand behind their mistake, we will not be entrusting them with our future business. In addition, we hope this information can help others know what they may experience if they decide to use Lowes for this type of service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Lowes Cons: Lack of responsibility.

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I am having the same issue with poor carpet installation from Lowe's. Would you be willing to (or have you already) complained via the PA Attorney General's Website?

If enough consumers complain, we might get Lowe's to stop taking advantage of customers like this...and perhaps get some resolution.

Thank you for your consideration. Edie