Olean, New York

This store should be called "Losers." I ordered a $500 special order closet door only to find it scratched w/ damaged hardware. They wanted my builder to fix it. When I put my foot down, they offered to re-order. After reassurances all week long, they called to say they couldn't do it. I had to threaten to go over the manager's head.

Most employees couldn't care less. I predict a big empty box of cold air sitting on the hill before long.

Builders tell me they often go to other smaller stores, just so they don't have to deal with the incompetence. Wake up Lowes, you're going down the tubes and you won't be missed at this rate.

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Being employed at lowes is a nightmare!!!!No communication with supervisors...we waited 9 months to start an account with them and put out so much money for everything they wanted us to have...they are going down the tubes. Mark my words!!!!


What kind of closet door costs $500? How was it damaged exactly, because it sounds like they think it was your builder.

Most stores I have dealt with are more forgiving for shipping damage, but you usually need to inspect it at the store or within a day or two of taking it home. I dont work at lowes or know anyone that does but this treatment sounds more store specific then company specific so you might want to say which lowes you are dealing with.


Tell me about it...

www.lowesceo.com :(