Gatesville, Texas
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1 comment, in combination with the Local, Killeen Lowe's store is the WORST, MOST UNPROFESSIONAL, MOST UPSETTING store, run by an IGNORANT, non communicating and seriously *** shoulder shrugging bunch of idiots!

I hardly know where to start but I want to keep this short....lets start at my last online order, because it seems I learned NOTHING from getting screwed once! So point is, I have to go pick up my (in stock) toilets after 2 weeks because they were actually NOT in stock and when they came in 2 weeks later they wanted to deliver them in EIGHT days!!!! The store is 20 miles from here! EIGHT DAYS. I picked them up myself. of course the delivery charge was paid anyways and not refunded!

So am an *** and ordered again. $1500 worth of renovation supplies. thought I was smart this time. only ordered stuff that it said was "in stock at Lowes Killeen" You will be contacted in 24 hours to arrange delivery. thank you. that was easy NOT!!!!! that was day 1 of a nightmare! day 2 & 3 pass, no call. I write to customer support in Killeen directly, no answer. I write again, no reply. I write to support via the website and get an answer the next day, 6 days after my order. One say "Sorry, I will give this to the online support department and someone will contact you within FOUR days to DISCUSS this issue" HUH? Let say nothing would get delivered the next 2 weeks. Then I get a call scheduling delivery for 7 days later. Then I get a call telling me a product I ordered has come in and is now available! So I ask is my order complete now? Will everything be delivered? Yes mam! Another call 2 days later....your items came in. Say what? Another call on the day of delivery..2.30PM. Says he called at 8 this morning and I didn't pick up, so they rescheduled delivery for the next day!!!! OK, I am boiling now....3 hours later another call "mam, your tile just came in and you can pick it up tomorrow" WHAT?????????? it was suppose to be part of a delivery from TODAY??? I calm down and ask him, so will everything be delivered tomorrow, is my entire order in? He answered 'I don't know!" The value of loss I have put down, is for the FOUR weeks I have been sitting here, unable to renovate a house we are trying to sell! it's a low estimate

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Estimate.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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If you are buying product you want delivered from store stock why don't you just go to the store and work with someone in the store to make sure they have what you want and set up the delivery there? You will know before you leave exactly what to expect.