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Lowes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Fridge ***

Lowes - Fridge ***
Lowes - Fridge ***
Lowes - Fridge ***
I have been through *** and have lowes to thank for it. I decided to purchase a refrigerator from lowes after min went out which turned out to be a huge mistake that has taken almost a month and is still not worked out. 1st i ordered online on thursday to have it delivered the following monday, i called the day before to confirm the delivery and was told "oh we didnt actually have that fridge in stock so we canceled your order" so i politely told the rep i would re order and chose another lowes in baton rouge that did have the one i wanted. this little hiccup pushed us back about a week. 2nd i decide to *** of work to be home for our delivery time. everything seems to go good the calls come its on its way and finally it shows up. Yay we have a fridge! the gentlemen unload it i sign for it and the truck drives away. i unwrap my brand new fridge to get it ready for installation and find the top under all of the protective wrapping is dented BADLY and so is the door and side. at this point i could care less how it looks i just wanted to be able to keep cold food in my house so i brought it in and hooked it up anyway. so i hook it up and everything seems to work well it just looks like it fell off the truck and i was pleased enough until i tried the water dispenser. yes it was as if i didnt have the water even hooked up, no ice no water nothing. so i called lowes and explained this to them and they scheduled a repair man to come out. another week rolls by and he shows up and tells us the water pump is not working and he will have to order a new one. i say ok whatever it will work eventually. 3rd HA! was i wrong. about 2 days after it was looked i noticed a beeping from the fridge telling me the door was ajar, on my closed fridge. i inspected the fridge and noticed the door was so badly bent the seal was opened along the side of the door. YAY! i get to call lowes again! This is part 2 of a 2 part complaint. this time i told them i wanted to return my fridge and they said "no problem we will have a new one out to you IN A WEEK at this point in my life I begin to feel like im in some kind of deal with the devil in which he gets everything he wants and I get continuously screwed. But hey I finally got everything fixed and my new fridge is on the way. Fast forward to today 8/2/17 the new fridge thats been a month in the making is on its way, the driver has called and I am at home and ready! The truck pulls up I go out to meet them and guess what! The fridge is NOT ON THE FREAKING TRUCK. So I was told by the driver to call the store and tell them the driver had the ticket but the fridge was not loaded so it was not delivered. I started this journey a very understanding person, I know accidents happen and you just have to work through them but I think this is enough to push anyone over the edge.
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Never go to lowes. They are terrible. One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.


This seems to be the norm for Lowes.

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