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Lowes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Employee poor quality of service

I am a delivery driver and this is the worst service that i ever experienced from any company in my life.From in store employees etc..But i assume that their corperate office dosent know anything about their employee service. How do the store make any money when you have a hard time trying to get anyone to take it off the truck. Lowes stores employees a bunch of lazy people .I say its time to start cutting again.
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OP:No one is a mind reader.


What exactly is your complaint? We you having something delivered?

Were you trying to make a return and wanted someone to unload it? If you have a compliant, tell us what it is.

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Lowes Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Lowes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Worst service in the World

On 10/23/2016 after the great flood in Louisiana, my wife and I special ordered a Jacuzzi tub, drain kit, heater, tub and the surround. On 10-31-2016 we received an automated message that our items had arrived at the store. On 11-1-2016 I called the store to verify our items had arrived. After 20 minutes on the phone they came back and told us they had indeed arrived. On 11-6-2016 I told my plumber to be at my house by 10 am and I would have the items there. My wife and I proceeded to the Lowe's to pick up our items. The customer service girl left to go find them. One hour later she came back with the heater for the Jacuzzi tub and stated she could not find the other items. I politely asked her to find a manager and have him search with her as I received the automated call and called the following day and they verified they had arrived. She did so and again about an hour later came back and told me all there was is the heater. She stated the manager was on his way to speak with me. He finally came 45 minutes later !! He stated he helped her look but would go back and to give him 10 minutes as he may have an idea where the items are. 50 minutes later he comes and tells us they do not have them but he thinks maybe they are in one of the three trailers they received the Monday before and would call me that afternoon when they unloaded them. Well he never called. I waited till 11-8-2016 with no call. I called the corporate office to get some help. After an hour on the phone with a lady telling her what happened and being on hold most of it she came back to tell me she has verified all of my items except for the drain kit was in. Well guess what back to Lowe's we went that evening. OH guess what else?? They could not find any items for us but the heater they found the first time. 11-9-2016 my wife receives a call from the lowe's we bought the items at to tell her everything had arrived. She said are you positive it is everything and not just the heater? He stated let me check. He verified that it all was there. Back to lowe's again we went just to be told they have no idea who from there called but they didn't have all of our items. I called Lowe's corporate again on 11-9-2016 to find someone whom matters. I was told the "Marketing Mgr" would contact me by end of business 11-10-2016. Well here it is 11-10-2016 no it's not the end of business but it's almost 4pm and I am furious. They deserve this horrible review. I hope anyone in Louisiana that see's this takes all their Fema money and or Flood Insurance money and goes to Home Depot ! They deserve to lose Millions of dollars if this is how they wish to treat us.
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Lowes Customer Care
  • Clueless staff
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Uninformed
Reason of review
Order processing issue
Preferred solution
Not sure yet. Not sure if I want anything or would rather make sure the revenue from all flood victims in Louisiana goes to Home Depot.
  • Lying Clerks
  • Unprofessional Staff
  • Lying Management
  • Thoughtless
  • Clueless Support
  • Time Consuming

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