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I've got a Lowe's Gift card. When I tried to use it to make an online purchase, I was told I needed to provide a PIN and in the PIN box it said "Optional".

But it wasn't. The ? Info button said the PIN was on the back of my card to the right of the card number. The only thing to the right of the card number was a decal with wiggly lines on it.

I called the 800 number listed on the back of the card, but the only option I was given was to check the card's balance. No way to talk to anyone. I called Lowe's Customer Care 800 number and because of their automated answering system, I got really frustrated. I mashed #, 0, and * several times until I finally was told to wait for someone.

I was also told that I could take a 3-minute survey after the call. WHAT? A 3 MINUTE SURVEY! YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING.

After a few minutes listening to on hold music, I gave up. LOWE'S SUCKS!

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You pin is under that decal, you twit. Scratch it off.

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