Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

90% of the time i shop at lowes i can not find the product needed. it seems that they need more educated people too order the right products.

if you are lucky too find what you need . you cannot find any of the accesories to go with it.i am talking about every day items. plus the store i deal with is the only supplier in the area. or i would shop other places.

they drove out the other building suppliers. and now they cannot stock the right supplies.

also do not even try to ask an employee a question. they do not have a clue as to what you are asking 60% of the time

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Bill Lowes isnt the only person that sells poulan so its not their fault...yet another example of someone being ignorant about whats going on? People shop where the best service and prices if any small business wants to compete then they have to be friendlier and have better prices.

and for your question about dept.

jobs..they have people in every dept and they are trained for that dept. It would be impossible for someone to know everything about every dept....but of course it sounds like you wouldnt need any help anyway because you obviously know everything!


Keep the local little guys in business!These major chains are here one day out the next. I agree, they should hire people that know what their selling.

The computers may be ordering what is selling but, someone has to be the buyer, whoever they are, they should keep quality in mind also.These stores claim to be here to service us. Why is there 40 employees walking around, why is there different department jobs???? Because they are hired to sell us what we need or there wouldnt be a need for them.I purchased 2 different pieces of outdoor power equipment from Lowes, a blower and a chain saw. The blower never started and the chainsaw was just plain dangerous.

Never go up into a tree with a poulan. Shop local service is great and they stand behind what they sell.


The computer automatically orders stock when it runs out. What exactly was it you were looking for...the truth be known it probably wasnt an everyday item...and most times its the customer that is uneducated or just misinformed about what they are doing and they blame it on the worker for not agreeing with what they think they need! I shop there all the time and I'm never surprised at how ignorant some people are and how they act because an item is out or the employee doesnt know exactly what they need...but yet they dont even know what they need.

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