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on sept 15th.i called lowes warranty service to have my lawn mower picked up for repair of the gas pedal.I was told there were 3 repair shops in my vicinity and they called the 1st one who said it would be 3 weeks before they could get it.the 2nd shop said they wouldn't travel to my house because it was 3 hrs away.thats totally untrue and the 3rd said he could pick it up and fix in 3 to 5 days.i said lets go with shelby outdoor power equipment and after many calls and complaining he finally showed up 10 days later.he complained about the lack of gas for his truck and i informed him all you have to do is call and explain why your not coming as promised.he said he would have it back in 5 days and a week at the most.after the week ended we called and was told he had to order a new gas pedal which he just received and would deliver the fixed lawn mower in 3 or 4 days after 5 days i called lowes warranty service and asked for their help since he is contracted by lowes to fox their lawnmowers but all they did was call him and he said 1 or 2 days he would be bringing it back.today i get a message left on phone from lowes saying they followed up a call to shelby and was told still working on it and next week is new delivery date.i certainly don't believe the end is near.to sum it up it has taken 1month so far to fix a gas pedal i'd hate to have a major repair done by shelby outdoor power.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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:cry :cry :cry don't the general public understand the warranty is from the manufactor NOT LOWES .SAME FOR ANYOTHER RETAILER.WHY DON'T YOU *** AT THEM??? :?

:? :?


if only you really knew what it was like. i agree with retailer4life.

you should have called in sooner.


Thanks Wally .I guess retailer4life doesn't think we can see through the smoke and mirrors


Hey retailer4life, your explanation is just more *** spewing of what's causing lowes to be going down the tubes.


This truly IS NOT Lowe's fault here. Yes, we "contract" out repair facilities to do our warranty work, as do all major retailers, including Sears, Home Depot, etc.

and But ALL of these guys, in most cases, are "independents" meaning they do not work exclusively for one retailer or another. And yes, I've scratched my head a time or two dealing with guys like this myself.

Unfortunately, the number of repair shops in any area is indeed limited, we cannot pull reapir shops out of a hat like rabbits, and not knowing the complete situation, maybe there was an unusual situation with your equipment or perhaps the part from the manufacturer was on back order from another vendor? A lot of things could be @ play here, we do not know.