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So in need of a few appliances for a customer of mine. I helped her pick out a nice LG Range, however the delivery or pick up date was Jan 3rd.

It was November 28th. She definitely wanted it atleast before Christmas. So we went with a similar one that was much more expensive, because the date for delivery or pick up was the 8th of Dec. Well the 9th rolls around and I get a call from her saying "where the heck is my stove"?

So I contact lowes and am told they will check and call me back. This happened several times over several days. Finally I get a hold of someone who talks me I can expect it Jan 3rd. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

If you go online right now it says way before then. Well every time you check now it gets pushed back further and further. I have now been told January 18th.

TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. They took my money, gave me an ever changing date of delivery, and do not truly have a clue of when or if I will ever get it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Must be the same stove I ordered (I ordered full appliance set) Ordered in store on Black Friday, was given delivery date of December 9th. December 9th comes and they deliver my refrigerator and dishwasher, but said stove and microwave were delayed.

They'll be delivered December 19th. I take the day off work on the 19th to be there for delivery. Mid morning when I still haven't heard from them I call and they say it's been delayed again (why no call to let me know?!). They say it will be here December 26th (nice...after Christmas when I have family coming over and have a mismatched kitchen now).

Then they call December 24 (first time we've received a call) and say it's delayed another day and will be here the 27th. I say are you sure? My husband has to take the day off work to be there for delivery. Yes we're sure, it will be there the 27th.

I ask what time frame? The delivery crew will call you that morning to give you 2hour window. OK Today is the 27th, no call. Call them and it's been delayed again and nobody bothered to call and let us know.

Don't know when it will be there. Can't trust any date they give because this is the 4th time it's been delayed and 3rd time they've delayed it without letting us know. I don't blame Lowes for manufacturer delays, but I do blame them for poor management and customers service.

Manager says once we have the appliances in our home they will work out a compensation package. Will believe it when I see it....