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Worst customer service in regard to warrantee ever in the retail industry I strongly strongly suggest anyone NOT to buy buy the extended warranty or shop at lows for that matter.I’ve had a claim open on my brand new dryer since end of September 2018 and I keep getting false promises on delivering parts , getting calls from lows customer service on a schedule service for my dryer and nothing has been done it’s all lies lies lies... I will not trust low’s nor recommend them

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

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Lowe's has NO warranties on anything they sell. Never have, never will.

The days of retailers standing behind the products they sell have died along with Sears. But saving money is what it's all about.


So true!!!!!


You understand so little about warranties. Warranties are either provided by the MANUFACTURER of the product or extended service plans are purchased through independent companies.

If, as you claim you have a brand new appliance it would be covered by the manufacturers 1 year warranty.

It is the manufacturer you should be blaming for delays, not Lowes. My guess is that if you are having a considerable delay in getting parts it is because you purchased an appliance such as LG of Samsung that are made in Korea and they are waiting for parts to get here from the other side of the world..


It’s not my 1st Applience that I purchased from lows and the completely understand their warranty however you are responding.. and over the years lows always been the best in regard to giving the right information as they promised their consumer and that’s the reason I kept making them my primey place for my home Applience and improvement .

However, this time I had the worst experience and I should have listen to the views about lows getting a bad reputation and now I understand. It started in sep 2018 where they giving me false information saying: your part arrived and they will call you to schedule it yet nothing happen this happened more then 5times. I was told they will replace it because they can’t find the part then they change and say Oh we want to conf that the service company going to call you ....... This is all happened during the besiest time Christmas time spending hours over the phone and waiting for the service company to show up .

Lows made my holiday very stressful. I will definitely take my business to home depo where they care about their customer no matter how much they spend .


Sounds like your complaint should be about the service company, not Lowes. Lowes is not responsible for the Warranty, the manufacturer and the service companies they use are.


The contact is low’s and they have their own contract with few company which lows calls them to delicate the service claim NOT ME. A big company as low’s they are present by those contractor .

Low’s should be doing a better job assisting me . Again low’s promised me a call this week between wed and Friday to schedule my service and just I expected lows just preached me off to end my phone call.

I repeated they got my money for the extended warranty and they don’t care wither I have to go out of my way to do my loundry plus the cost plus the ageny with the irritation and bad customer service and The laying to me over and over and they still have not fixed it . I will be placing another call today to hear another lay for the 2ed time this week and over 16 times since oct 2018.


Lol, take a moment and look at home Depot reviews. Look at your warranty and you will find Lowes did make your appliance. How did people become so stupid?